Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Half Way There, Living On A Prayer


Alrighty, yes it is true. 9 MONTHS OUT, HALF WAY MARK!!! WOAH.
A part of me thinks that it was the fastest 9 months of my life, but then there are times when it feels like more than 9 Months. Ha ha.

Random Updates:
- I still prefer not to eat meat if there is an option.
- I am doomed to come home as a blonde, the sun and water here are not on my side. Ha.
- I have made it 9 Months without a warm shower or microwave. But I count my blessings, because there are people in my mission who dont have washing machines.
- I have come to enjoy reading. That will be a SHOCK to my family I am sure.
- I watched my video from when I was saying the first vision and mission purpose in Spanish. And it made me laugh, almost kind of embarassing. But my Spanish has come a LONNNNG Way! Thank Goodness.  :)

​16 de Septiembre es el Día de Independencia en México!  :)
So it is like the Mexican Version of our 4th of July.  ;)
Please take notice to the details of my outfit, well just the fact that I am still counting my hair as the red portion, white shirt, green skirt. AND a scarf that I made a belt, that says "Viva México!" 

Random fact about my current companion. You know how there is the game when people see Slug Bug cars they punch someone and name the color. Or they punch someone until they say the color. Well my companion told me that her and her friends played a game that they punched eachother one time way hard when they saw a redhead and would say "Redhead!" Still not sure if that is flattering or insulting. Ha.

Also apparently it is Hurricane Season, but we are more inland so all we got this past week was a TON of rain! One day the streets were like rivers. Which it was fine, I thought it was kind of fun. Until at night when we past a street and it smelled horrible! And I saw what I think was a sewer lid and it was over flowing. Pretty sure we were walking in a potty river in that street. Ew.

But on the happier note of the 9 Months Out Email. Is that I thought I had a Testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ before I left of my mission. Infact I was quite content with it. But that is because I didnt know the potencial that my Testimony had to become. My Testimony is Stronger than it has ever been, and I still have a long way to go. But of this I am sure, Jesus Christ Lives. He is at the head of his church. Today we have a prophet with twelve apostles, they have the power of God (that isnt to be taken lightly), they receive Revelation for us, and we have the Book of Mormon and the Bible to be our guide as well. Why? Because God loves us more than we can comprehend.

I love you all, and I hope that you have a fantastic week! And you should start preparing questions that you can write for General Conference. Because they will be answered.  :)

Love Always,
                      Hermana Smith   

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