Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Weekly Update & Caborca Update - Cynthias Baptism

HOLA!!!  :)

I am still adjusting to my new area, I mean these streets here are tightly packed, and look so similar to eachother! Ha. I will figure it out soon enough I am sure.

Yesterday we visited a sister from our ward in the hospital. And we sang hymns for her. She had such a sweet upbeat attitude. And she told us that if we looked out her window, far in the distance we could see the spire from the temple. And she told us that in the night time it lights up.

It was good to take a step back and view the perspective of many different people in the hospital, famliy members, friends, etc. And to realize even more that God has a great plan for us.

As we were leaving the hospital we ran into the Bishop and his wife, they were there to visit the same sister from our ward. We then had a different lesson. And we went to another investigator after and the bishop pulled up to the house like two seconds after we arrived, to visit them also. I told my companion, "The Bishop is stalking us, or we are just always a step ahead of him! ;)" But really it is nice to have a Bishop who is so involved.

Caborca Update: Cynthia was baptized this past Saturday. She is a sweet 10 year old girl that we taught in Caborca. I loved teaching her. I used a notebook and we drew out examples for her, and we would simplify things, and she always had great questions.

Ah it still gets me that a lot of people here dont smile with their teeth in pictures. Cynthia is adorable, and I will always remember her cute smile and laugh, even if it isnt in these pictures. Here in this picture she is with our Branch President there in Caborca.

I did get a new camera today. So I will be sure to utilize it this week so I can send some new photos next week. And only in Mexico when you buy a camera would a soccer ball come with it. I dont know, it came in my camera box as some promotion. Ha ha.

Also only in Mexico when you buy flaming hot cheetos, it comes with a salsa packet inside, to make them even hotter! Ha.

Well I hope that you all have a great week!

Love Always,
                      Hermana Smith   

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