Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baptism of Pedro

Hola!  :)

Aw where to begin.... 

Well Pedro orginally was in the Area of different Hermanas in our Ward. So we took over some people from their area who they had been teaching.

And Pedro, ah he had changed a lot from the first time I saw him until today. I was here in September when his wife was baptized. He use to smoke, he use to drink, and he just seemed different. But the other missionaries visited him a lot and he changed a lot for the better.

The first lesson we had in his house, WOW I think it is one of the lessons in my mission where the spirit was so strong for so long. It was there the whole lesson. It was so thick in the air I feel like I could almost touch it. And I thought shoot, maybe it is just thier house...

But the next time we returned, and we set a baptism date. We rang in the New Year nicely with his Baptism Interview on the 1st of January. And he was Baptized on Saturday the 3rd.

We learned to be a little more patient. Because his baptism was scheduled for 6PM. But the baptism font wouldnt fill up, we were lacking water. It took 2 hours to fill the font, and it was only partial. He kneeled in the font to be baptized.

But the important thing is that he was baptized on Saturday, and confirmed Yesterday. 

And him and his wife already have their eyes set on entering the temple.

They are great examples to me of Sincere Love and Service. I want to be more like them. They are both going to do GREAT things in the church.

He was SUPER happy!  :)

Pedro and his wife Ana. She was baptized in September. But it seemes like she has been a member for years!

​Me, Hermana Tizapantzi, Ana, and Pedro.

It was a beautiful day!  :)

Con Amor,
                Hermana Smith   

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