Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Happy Holidays...


It is that awkward inbetween where you dont say Merry Christmas or Happy New Years. So HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

I hope that your Christmas was just amazing!

I didnt fall asleep in new pajamas, or open wrapped presents under my tree, or a classic Christmas stocking (Family and my bestie sent stuff, but living here... it just hasnt made it yet). There wasnt any hot chocolate by a fire. But I can assure you that it was the most Christlike Christmas that I have ever had. To serve others, to really understand what is the reason for the season. To see the needs of people, and try my best to meet them. To share that I know that Christ Lives, and invite others to follow him. 

I got to Skype with my Family, and I loved every second of it! Okay Skype failed like 5 times at first, but every second after that. Ha ha. It will be a Christmas I will never forget.

We ate a lot of Tamales this past week, they are more common here for the Holidays. But I love Tamales, so it was fine by me.  :)

We had Christmas Dinner with Familia Abitia. They are always so kind and giving to the missionaries.

​On the 23rd we made BueƱuelos with Lucia.

​It is getting colder here. Like really it is cold, but it is different... not a Utah snow type of cold, it is a dry cold, so it is just irritating. But I would like to higlight my favorite mug. How cute is it?! A yellow sombrero mug! Obsessed.​

Have a VERY Happy New Year!!!!!  :)

Con Amor,
                 Hermana Smith    

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