Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baptisms of Cynthia & Abraham!!! :)

HOLA!  :)

Well this week was super great, because... we witnessed the beautiful baptisms of Cynthia and Abraham!

Hmmm... Where to begin with their story...
Well in my first area of the mission I unknowingly at the time was visiting Cynthias Aunt (who is a member), and I met her sister while I was there also.
So when I came to Sahuaro, and we visited Cynthia and Abraham, her sister Lilia and I made the connection that we had met before in my previous area.

Cynthia and Abraham had a lot of trials that they faced. But they are super great and came out strong from it all. And more than anything, NOW was their time. There are five people in Cynthias Family, Her Dad, Mom, Older sister Lilia, Her, and her younger brother Jose Ramón. Lilia her older sister was baptized in August of 2009, then in that same month a few weeks later her Mom and Brother were baptized. Cythina has had a lot of Missionaries teach her over the years. That isnt to give us any more credit than them, every person has their time. And we were blessed with the priviledge to be here. We are now working on teaching Cynthias Dad.

Cynthia and Abraham have their own house, they were just living in her parents house while her Mom was ill (which is the time we taught them). And they are going to move to their house again in December. With all the things that went on in their process, it is more proof to me that everything has its timing. God knows when a leaf is falling from a tree, so obviously he knows the greater details of my life and of your life.

I wrote about how Cynthias Mom had passed away. Cynthia had told us that when she was saying her see you later to her Mom in the hospital she told her Mom that their baptisms were coming up, and that they were going to see eachother again.

Their baptisms were SO beautiful! The room was filled with people, and even more so filled with the spirit. We knew that Cythias Mom and Abrahams Dad (who passed away about 4 months ago), were there also to witness this important step of their lives.

Aw I had to capture a more candid photo of them, because it is sometimes a little harder to get people here to really smile in the pictures. But SO precious!!!

In this picture is Cynthia with her siblings, her younger brother Jose Ramon, and her older sister Lilia. AND her brother was the one that baptized her and her husband. And it was so sweet, because after she was baptized her and her brother were hugging and crying in the font. It was an emotional baptism for sure. 

We had transfers today, I am still here in Sahuaro (which I am very happy about). And my new Companion is Hermana Tizapantzi. She is my tallest companion yet.  :)

Also since this week is Thanksgiving, well all I have to say is that one of the best examples of Gratitude is Love. Thankful people give love more easily. And the best example of love that we have is the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and that is the thing that we should be most greatful for.  :)

I am thankful for you all, I love you all, and I hope you have a week full of Gratitude and Love.

Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith   

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