Tuesday, April 28, 2015



They all progressed at different paces, but the trail was beautiful to walk with them.

It was a special experience Sunday when me and my companion sat behind Familia Barrera in church. That we got to witness them as a Family take the sacrament TOGETHER for the first time. That they were ALL able to renew their covenants. (And the bonus was that right infront of them was sitting Mayra and her family.) It was a great last Sunday in Cuauhtemoc. I felt fulfilled in my time spent in their.

Also Adrian received the Preisthood, menor of Preist.  :)

I have now been transfered to Guaymas. 

New place, new people, new blessings.

AND my companion is pretty much my height - YES FINALLY. I will try to improve my posture. Ha. ( I will try to send a picture of us next week. )

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