Tuesday, April 28, 2015

International Gospel

Hola!!!  :)

Well General Conference Weekend of course was AMAZING!!! I remember somtimes growing up I thought it was SO long. And I half listened if it was someone from the 70, but I lisitened more if they had a cool accent. Ha ha.

But now that I appreciate Conference more it flew by way too fast, and I thought that was really all of it?!  :(      
I took it more serious this time, I pondered three questions before Conference, prayed about them, and wrote them out. Then I went to Conference prepared to receive these answers. And it was Beautiful!

And more than writing literal quotes I wrote more of impressions and things that I can and need to apply in my life. (But also a shout out to the 88,000 and more Missionaries, holla!)

(Also fun sidenote, for Saturday October 4th, it was one year since I entered the Temple.)

Confrence Impressions/Highlights for me:

* We will make personal decisions, but become aware of our consequences.
* We repent to Act again.
* You CANT trick God or Suprise him, but you CAN make hime proud of you.
* God will hear you , he WILL respond, in his way and in his time. We need to learn the way that he communicates with us.
* As we follow God, he will trust us more, and be willing to give us more responsibilities and blessings.
* The Light of Christ is not a moment or instant, it is a way of life.
* If Christ is the "Prince of Peace", Am I his Happy Messenger?
* Love is at the center of all Commandments.
* It will one day be my duty as a Mother to be a prime example and Gospel Teacher for my children.
* Is the Holy Ghost  a voice that I can recognize with Confidence? If not, what do I need to adjust in my life or circumstances?
* Turn your KNOWLEDGE into ACTION!
* Is our work about LOVE or STATISTICS?
* As we are generous to others, God will not with hold his generosity to us.
* I must make serice a part of WHO I AM, not an option, but a natural habit.
* If we truly admire Jesus, we will do all we can do to be like him.
* Are my actions as how my parents hoped they would be?
* If we want to receive Personal Revelation more frequently, we need to be living a life of order.
* If we put our faith in God, our talents can be joined with his talents, and then ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!
* If we serve the Lord first, we will always have blessings sufficent for ourselves and our loved ones.
* Are we still wowed by the details of the beautiful world that God has given us?
* To have the Holy Ghost is a RESPONSIBILITY!
* Will I nurture all that enter my Home? And how can I make my Home a Heaven on Earth?
* DEDICATE time every day to talk with God, and share with him your feelings and experiences. Diligence is the key.
* In the temple, we can realize the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
* The RIGHT choices, arent always going to be the EASY choices.
* Your decisions will ALWAYS effect more people than you alone.
* Who can I invite to come closer to Christ? 

**And obviously Elder Holland is still one of the  very best! One sentence of his talk is like its own story. - Once one of the best speakers, always one of the best speakers.**

And one of my by far favorite talks was by Thomas S. Monson when he mentioned the path of our Savior Jesus Christ.

I watched three sessions in Spanish, and one in English. But in every language the message is the same. God loves you, for that he is currently giving us modern revelation as well. UTILIZE IT.

Look forward to now study and APPLY these messages.

Here is a picture of my current District, on our last pday of this transfer. We will get news of transfers on Saturday.

Love you all, and I hope you have a happy, safe, productive week!

Love Always,
                      Hermana Smith   

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