Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baptisms of Lucia, Armand & Valeria!!! :) "Yay!"


This week was FABULOUS!!! We had THREE Baptisms, of the Familia Garcia Borbon = Lucia, Armando and Valeria.

Here is their Story:

One day we went to Walmart for pday. Which you actually dont understand, but that is pretty exciting. Walmart is a little further and has more options of stuff. It was September 15th, September 16th is a Holiday here. So I was loving life, and you know I was looking at random Mexican nicknacks they were selling outside in the parking lot, I am a sucker for that kind of stuff, that they were selling to celebrate the holiday (it is like the Mexican 4th of July). So we met Lucia, and she said that her Sister who was with her was a member also. She gave her direction to one of the other Sister Missionaries, and we went on our ways.

My companion Hermana Rocha, said she was sure that the direction was from our area. I still didnt have all the streets down of our area, so I said sure maybe it is. But the other sisters in our ward thought it was of their area. But she was persistant and we ended up calling the other sisters to get the direction. We found that it was in our area, and we visited them and taught them the first lesson, which is the Restoration of the Gospel. The Spirit was really storng in this lesson. And we were super excited to have found them in their house and begin to teach them. We returned to their house several times, and didnt encounter them, we called and sent messages, nothing. How could this be they were so Golden?! One night as a back up plan we went to their house again. On the way, my companion and I said, "This is it, if they arent there, we arent coming again." 

But...we found them! And the second lesson was just as great, or better than the first one. And we learned that Lucia had a crazy work schedule, that changes every week. And she didnt have credit in her phone to text us back. So we continued to teach them, we set baptism dates, and they assisted on Sundays. Armando and Valeria even went to the Stake Youth Camp.

They are SO great, other members already thought they were members. People kept asking us when their baptisms were.

We had transfers, and one day I asked Lucia to tell my new companion her story because she had expalained to Hermana Rocha and I before, and this time she told us even more details. That her sister is a member, who lives in Claifornia. That when she lived in California with her sister she was taught by missionaries, went to activites, but never was baptized.

And when her sister was here for the holiday in September, THAT SAME MORNING the day that we found them - her and her sister said a prayer together. To find a sign that the church of her sister (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints) was true... and well, they found the missionaries!

They went to Walmart to buy a cake to celebrate the holiday. Then they went outside to buy a flag to put on the cake. She said she saw me and commented to her sister that I looked like a "Menonita". Which are these redhead white woman that wear sombreros and sell cheese in Chiuaua. And that when I turned around she saw my tag. And they said, look it is the Missionaries!

To make a long story shorther, well thank the heavens that I look like a cheese salesman. But more importantly, that God answeres prayers. We were the answer to her prayer, and in return they are the  answers to my prayers also. To find people here who are prepared, who want to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Okay, to explain the clothing situation... you know I love a good clothing hunt. Starting left to right, Armandos shirt is from one Elder and his pants from another Elder. Lucias under shirt is mine, and I bought her shirt for $3 from a thrift store the night before the baptism, her skirt is from a member in our ward and the slip from a different sister missionary. Valerias dress is a temple dress from someone, not sure, it has been passed through different missionaries, and her shorts and shirt underneath. Just saying... you know the last thing I was going to do was put them in zip up jumpers.

Ooh I LOVE Baptism days!!! I can honestly say that every baptism I am priviledged to witness on my mission is a Miracle to me.

God is aware of us, and every need we have.

I love you all, and I hope you have a successful week. Look for opportunities to serve others!  :)

Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith     

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