Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baptism of Ana! :)

My Darling Family and Friends,

So if you remember the story of Carlos two weeks ago. I am pretty sure I mentioned how the missionaries contacted him. That his Mom Ana works in a Salon and that when Elders went there to get their hair cut, they got her information and some Sister Missionaries passed by their house to teach them.

Well this past Friday was Anas Baptism, whoo!!!
Fun Fact: Her baptism was 3 months (to the day exactly) after the missionaries first visted her and her family.

People (along with other prerequisits) can be baptized after 5 times in the church. Ana had 10. She stopped drinking Alcohol, Coffee and Smoking. It was hard, but she knew it is well worth it. She is a strong one.

We didnt overflood the font... well because we struggled getting into the font. Ha ha. We have keys to the gate outside of the church and the church doors. But not to the baptism font doors. Crazy right. So there are two door infront of the font. Locked. One door that leads to the mens bathroom. Locked. One door that leads to the womens bathroom. Locked. And we were cutting it close. Our ward mission leader had to unexpectedly leave the state for work. So we went to the chapel to clean the font. 

But as we couldnt open the doors, I told my companion "Lets just cross the street to buy a knife and knife the door." "And if other people see us knifing the door?" .... Well they will just know that we really want to baptize someone. Long story short, we didnt use a knife, but I did open it by shoving other metal to open it. We didnt break anything, but we were sucessful.  :)


​After her baptism she said "Lets go get hotdogs to celebrate!" I dislike meat, she evens knows that. But... I sucked it up to celebrate. It was a hotdog, wrapped in bacon, with ground meat ontop. Meat. Meat. Meat. I surived.

Sitting next to her is her husband Adrian. We are working with him to get baptized in March.

I LOVE YOU ALL and I hope you have a week FULL of Happiness!  

Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith  

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