Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Patience is a Virtue, Catch it if you can.


I feel like something that I have learned a lot about on my mission is PATIENCE. To me it is something that I have never really been able to grasp. When I make a decision, I like to see the results as fast as possible.

I am the type that reads a food package, and if it says 45 seconds in the microwave, I am checking it at 30 just to see how it is doing. "Oh well... it looks like it could use another 15 seconds."

But, I have learned that Patience isnt about waiting around. Patience is about action. Something might not come in the timing that you want it, but that doesnt mean it wont come. Or it will come in a better form than what you originally hoped for. But things will come to those who are working, those who are searching, and those who are doing their part. And it will always remain that Gods Knowledge is greater, he can see the bigger picture, so it will come when and if it needs to.

I have also viewed fasting differently since I have been on my mission. Before I think I viewed it more as fasting to get exactly what you want. But really a lot about fasting is for us to be humbled, and view what God has in store. 

Pray to be more Patient with those around you, and even with yourself or the will of God. 

And apply Patience to gain Patience.

This is our newly revamped Zone since transfers.

Well for the first day of December it sure was sunny here!  :)  We played Water Balloon Volleyball as a Zone today.

I love you all, and... well I Skype home this Month, whoo!!!!!

Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith     

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