Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dia de Reyes


Well... A holiday that is celebrated here and I think in several Latin Countries is "Dia de Reyes". To celebrate when the wise men visited Jesus. They leave their shoes out at night to be filled with gifts. So they put it out on January 5th and it is celebrated January 6th.

January 5th I went to the Mission Offices to receive my new companion to train. SO... yes I finally got my Christmas Package that was sent in November. So we used it for "Dia de Reyes". I guess that just makes my family more Mexican than American this year.  ;)  I opened new pajama pants on Dia de Reyes-Eve and felt just fine about it. Ha ha.

I utilized part of the Christmas Package that my family sent to fill our shoes. Aw, how festive!  :)

Also with this Holiday they eat "Rosca" It is a sweet breat with Mexican colors. And they hide little plastic dolls in it. That are suppose to be Baby Jesus. And if you find one, then you are suppose to make Tamales the 2nd of February. You know I soak up every Mexican Holiday here, because it might be the only time I celebrate it. Or in Mexico at least.

Super happy with our Rosca.

​Okay you know me... the first one I hunted for. But the next morning for Breakfast I naturally found one.

P.S. Several people asked me what I did for New Years this year. Well... I went to bed before Midnight again. Whoop whoop. But they have a tradition here for New Years to eat 12 grapes at Midnight, every grape represents a desire for this year. But... me and my companion ate 12 grapes the 1st of January at Noon. Minor adjustments, but it still totally counts.

P.P.S. We made a better guess of how tall my companion is, and I think she is 5 feet 8 inches. A little taller, eh. But yup literally the shortest Hermana in the Mission with the tallest Hermana in the Mission. Ha ha. 


I hope you have a fabulous week full of happiness. And you should SHARE that happiness, look for someone a little less happy, and do what you can to help them.

Love Always,
                        Hermana Smith   

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