Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Come Back to the Fold

Hola mi Bonita Familia y Amigos,

This week I would like to focus on returning to the church. Everyone of us can look at it from a different prospective. One who has left, one who has thought about leaving, one who has watched someone leave, or someone who has returned. And you pridefully ponder, I do not fit in any of these categories. But yes, you fit in one of them. Nobody is perfect, so maybe you left or faltered in one area.

But the greater focus is. We can RETURN. We can IMPROVE. We can FORGIVE. We can SERVE. 

If we thought less about ourselves, and more about others, we would be a happier people.

To any and every group I invite you to Pray constantly. If it isnt currently a habit, practice it, and make it one. It is one of the very best ones you can have. It is essential.

I invite you to Read The Book of Mormon. Read it, ponder, and ask only Heavenly Father if it is a true book. He wont lie to you, that isnt his job.

Go to Church. "Nope not doing that one!" Okay, I get it. Maybe that seems like the hardest one. But it is NEVER to late to return. We dont go to church for the members. We dont go to church for the Bishop. We dont go for the things that our neighbors will or will not say. We go to renew a covenant we made with God. The church is not for the perfect. The church is for those who realize they arent perfect, and want to improve.

The scriptures constantly talk about how Jesus Christ is the good shepard, and we are his sheep. We know his voice, and when we follow him we are happier and safer. If there are 100, he will go for the one who has wandered. He teaches us how to come back to the fold through his example.

As his representative I am shouting to you for him. "The grass is greener on this side, join me!" 

If you arent praying, arent reading the scriptures, or arent going to church. I invite you, come follow him.

If you are praying, are reading, and are going to church. Well psh still not perfect. Do we judge? Do we gossip? Do we think things we shouldnt?

There are a thousand more things to say about this topic. But I would like to share a quote...


"The Lost Sheep

In the parable of the lost sheep it appears that the sheep got lost because he wandered away. He probably didn’t intend to get lost but became distracted and did not pay attention to where he was going. How do you get a lost sheep back into the fold? You go out and find him, turn him around, and bring him back into the fold. Usually the sheep is so glad to be back safe in the fold that he runs and jumps for joy."
Okay now we are going to give a shout out to Elder Richard G. Scott and his words of wisdom.

I love you all. I wish you the best in every aspect of your life. Dont only come back to the fold, but bring someone else with you.

Love Always,
                     Hermana Smith    

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