Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Life is Beautiful! :)



God could have just put the world together, black and white, plain and simple. But he didnt. He made it SO detailed, SO interesting. Because he loves us.

Think of the stars at night when there is no distractions, with a summer breeze. How small we are, and how great is his plan. Think of your toes in the sand, and the smell and sounds of the ocean. Think of a sincere laughter. Service. Love. Comfort. Friendship. Think of the culture their is in all corners of the world. God gave us our senses. And he gave us a wide range of colors to view and enjoy.

He gave us all the potential to change our lives and others. If you only realized your potencial! Take a pause, and begin to be in awe of what you find. Give Thanks.

The happiest people dont say, "I would be happy if..." They find happiness in their given circumstances. Search for it and enjoy every moment. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Invite happiness into your life, even in the middle of trials and distress.

I am Thankful. I am Happy. I am Blessed.

A photo that I found and enjoyed from www.lds.org 

SMILE! :)  :D  :)     

Con Amor,
                Hermana Smith    

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