Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Weekly Update & Caborca Update - Cynthias Baptism

HOLA!!!  :)

I am still adjusting to my new area, I mean these streets here are tightly packed, and look so similar to eachother! Ha. I will figure it out soon enough I am sure.

Yesterday we visited a sister from our ward in the hospital. And we sang hymns for her. She had such a sweet upbeat attitude. And she told us that if we looked out her window, far in the distance we could see the spire from the temple. And she told us that in the night time it lights up.

It was good to take a step back and view the perspective of many different people in the hospital, famliy members, friends, etc. And to realize even more that God has a great plan for us.

As we were leaving the hospital we ran into the Bishop and his wife, they were there to visit the same sister from our ward. We then had a different lesson. And we went to another investigator after and the bishop pulled up to the house like two seconds after we arrived, to visit them also. I told my companion, "The Bishop is stalking us, or we are just always a step ahead of him! ;)" But really it is nice to have a Bishop who is so involved.

Caborca Update: Cynthia was baptized this past Saturday. She is a sweet 10 year old girl that we taught in Caborca. I loved teaching her. I used a notebook and we drew out examples for her, and we would simplify things, and she always had great questions.

Ah it still gets me that a lot of people here dont smile with their teeth in pictures. Cynthia is adorable, and I will always remember her cute smile and laugh, even if it isnt in these pictures. Here in this picture she is with our Branch President there in Caborca.

I did get a new camera today. So I will be sure to utilize it this week so I can send some new photos next week. And only in Mexico when you buy a camera would a soccer ball come with it. I dont know, it came in my camera box as some promotion. Ha ha.

Also only in Mexico when you buy flaming hot cheetos, it comes with a salsa packet inside, to make them even hotter! Ha.

Well I hope that you all have a great week!

Love Always,
                      Hermana Smith   

Mexico Monday


Well I dont know what to updated you on too much. My new companion is Hermana Rocha, I always joke that I get the short companions. But really, there are taller ones. She is 5 feet tall. Ha ha. But that doesnt matter. She also love fashion design. We currently live in a house with four Sister Missionaries, two upstairs in front, and we live upstairs and behind, and a Member, she lives below. And it is super fun. So fun, that we only get to stay here for a month. Nah the real reason is because we dont live in our area. So in October we will be moving to a house in our area.

I ran out of time. But I thought I would let Elder Holland and Elder Uchdorf (from do the talking, because they are just the very best! AND... I am already stoked for General Conference. We are talking LESS than a month people. Can I get a what what?!  :D

I love you all, and I hope that you have a darling week, FILLED with joy. Oh its out there all right, sometimes you just have to dig a little deeper for it.

Love Always,
                      Hermana Smith   

A Baptism @ 5 AM!!! :) & Transfers

Hola mi Familia y Amigos,

Ah I dont even know where to begin... literally this morning was one of the BEST moments of my life!

But let me back track a little first. Becaues I know there are a lot of Investigators, and I never want to tell stories about them too much until their Baptism.

So this special story is about GUSTAVO. First off our District Leader, Elder Navia, contacted him one day in the street, and discovered that he was interested in hearing our message, but that Gustavo lived in our area. So he passed the address on to us, to contact him, and we did.

But honestly we were taken back by how HUGE his house is. In México I feel like there are three levels of economics. Super Rich, Poor, and Super Poor. But we soon came to find out that it isnt about a Humble House, but it is about a Humble Heart. 

He read the Book of Mormon, he prayed often, and he came to Church. It was amazing to see the growth of his testimony in such a short period of time.

He was able to stop drinking Coffee right away, if it was something that God commanded, he was going to do it. He told us that he use to drink in his life, but he had given it up years ago. That he use to smoke, but that too he had given up years ago. And that to me was a great example that God had been preparing him, long before we met him.

So his baptism date was set for the 30th of August. But the week of his Baptism he was struck with an AWFUL ear infection and dwelling of his head. The Doctor said he shouldnt do the baptism this week, because his ear was so delicate. We said yeah, its okay, we will move it to the next Saturday.

But then early Saturday night our transfers came and I was told that I was being transfered to Hermosillo, in Sahuaro. I first thought my District Leader must be joking. I felt that I was being severely robbed! I had worked SO hard with my companion for three months. When we came together to an area with literally 0 investigators. And we had developed to the point where we had a Baptism Service planned for every week in September, so at least 8 solid baptisms. It honestly was heartbreaking news to me. 

My companion and I made the decision to print out Baptism Programs for Gustavo, for a Baptism that we hadnt even received an answer that was happening so soon. My companion said, "Hermana, I really like that you have so much faith, but sometimes you arent realistic." Realistic has never been a stopping point of what potencial is for me.

But Sunday came, and he was still ill with a severe ear ache and his head was dwelling. We then visited him in the night at his house. He now knew that I was being transfered, and Elder Navia also (The Elder who contacted him originally, and was going to baptize him). I asked him what he thought about a baptism at 5 AM Monday morning? (Because I had to be at the Bus Station with my suitcases and everything ready at 6:30AM). I promised him that he would only be submerged in the water for about three seconds maybe, but that this decision would be something so important, and that it would last him a life time. And that his ear would be just fine.

Long story short, he took that leap of faith and said, "YES!" I cant even describe how joyful I became. 

I then called our District Leader, and I explained that the baptism would be at 5 AM! But we still needed two more Preisthood Holders as Witnesses. So I then called two Elders from our District that I felt would be up for the task.

I began by asking the Elder that answered that phone, "Elder do you believe in Miracles?!" He replied, "Yes Hermana, I honestly do." I then asked him, "Can you please ask your companion if he believes in Miracles?" He replied, "Yes Hermana, he also believes in Miracles." I told him, "Well Elder when there are Miracles, there are also sacrifices. We have a baptism tomorrow at 5 AM. Will you and your companion come to the church at 4:30 AM to help us?" He was obviously taken back by the time, and asked twice to clarify that it indeed was what I was asking him. But he asked him companion, and they said yes. I told them, that they wouldnt regret it. And that they would be blessed for their sacrifice.

So with that... basically our whole District didnt sleep that night. I had to pack all of my bags nicely (two of the Elders that helped us were also being transfered). Me and my Companion woke up (well we never really fell asleep, because we were also filled with such excitement!) at 2 AM, we took a Taxi at 2:50 AM to the church (safety first folks). And we began to clean and fill the font at 3AM

The next detail is one of my favorite parts of the whole story. We heard a car door slam, the six of us Missionaries looked out the window and we saw Gustavo, he was already dressed in white! He was brilliantly white in the darkness of the night/morning. It was as if an angel was walking towards the church.

He had his interview at 4:45AM, and was baptized at 5AM.

Call it crazy, call it diligence, or call it a miracle. I like to think it is a little bit of all three.

The spirit that filled the room during his Baptism Service was so sweet. It was like a dream, it was something I wanted to see SO badly. That it honestly seemed to good to be real. It was as if a peice of heaven had come to earth.

When I shared my thoughts during a small talk, I told Gustavo how truly happy I was to be there! What joy I was filled with. BUT, that God was even happier. And that there was a party in the heavens for his decision.

I had never been so anxious in my life for a prayer to end (the baptismal prayer), so that I could open my eyes to see him be baptized.

For me, today, yes it was a Miracal. And I find myself truly honored to have been a witness of it.

When he returned, my companion asked him how he felt. And he replied, "Renovated".

Gustavo gave the closing prayer, but before doing so he SO humbly thanked us for presenting the church to him in his life. His prayer was so amazing, he expressed his desire for his baptism. He said to also bless his family that they werent there in the moment, but that they could soon join him in this happiness. And he asked for a blessing upon the missionaries.

Here is a picture of Elder Navia (full circle there eh? Contacted him in the street, and was the one able to baptize him).


My camera is still broken :( so I had to get this pictures from my companion.

Also, you have two options in life, to be bitter about something that you didnt want to happen. Or to realize that God knows better, and to move ahead and find out what he wants you to learn from it. I have chosen path number two, and I am excited to see what lies ahead for me here in Hermosillo, Barrio Sahuaro.

P.S. Although my sweet talking to the mouse in Spanish, assuring it that I had set out cheese for it, never seemed to work. I then joked that he must have been translated, because I did not want to kill him. But I would like to give a personal shout out to Sticky Mouse Paper, Cheese in general, and Quaker Granola Bars. That did get the job done, and I did not capture one, but TWO mice. Gross! But I am now in a different city, and live in the second level of a clean house. And a mouse would have to be Superman to reach me this time!  ;)

Love you all, have an amazing week!

Con Amor,
                 Hermana Smith     

A Mouse in our House :S


Ew, where do I even begin with this story...

Well I was innocently reading the Liahona in our apartment last night, when I looked up and I saw a mouse scurry across our floor. So obviously my first reaction was to jump and stand on top of my bed!

Our District Leader was on the phone, so we put it on speaker, and I told him to sing a song while I killed the mouse. He began to sing a church song, which gave me no such motivation.

I moved our stove away from the wall, the fridge, the dresser, beds, everything. I couldnt find the mouse anywhere! I searched for like an hour, banging on things like a fool, hoping it would come out. So I tried to rationalize it in my mind that it didnt bother me, but obviously it did. I asked my companion more about it, like it wouldnt be able to climb up on my bed, right?! She doesnt know English, and words that she does say, a lot of the time isnt pronounced right. But when she gave her explanation one word that was the clearest English she had ever uttered, "Este ratón es como Spiderman!" 

Ah, she was right, it was like Spiderman, I now was convinced that it could go and climb wherever it pleased!

My fear, within seconds I felt like it turned into a phobia. I now loathed the mouse, and I felt the desire to vomit at the thought of it.

So it was finally time for bed, but I had not encountered the mouse. I decided to sleep at the foot of my bed curled up, close to the fan (obviously less of me, less options to touch me right?) And I thought it probably wont like the wind. So I wrapped up tight in a blanket, but then it was super hot. I left the light on. I kept waking up like every 30 minutes and checking the ground, (and I had like 3 different dreams about a mouse) until like 1:30 AM. At 3AM my Companion woke up and turned the light off (I figured it would stay more hidden with light?) I am sure my companion thought I was crazy! But I was loosing it by this point.

The light was off, so I moved my alarm clock to the corner of my bed. I woke up like five minutes later, and I saw something that seemed darker in the corner of my bed, so with a half instant thought I took the back of my hand and I spanked it off the bed, and spanked it good. To then only realize I was hearing the crashing defeat of my alarmclock that I had just placed there.

Long story short, it seemed like the longest night of my life. But the point is. Dont do that. Dont let little things bug you. I will not die from a mouse. So with or without a mouse, I am sleeping tonight!  :)

Dont let the little things get you in life. People can talk that dont know facts. Things will go wrong, that I am sure. But keep your head up high, with a smile ready, and go out and make a difference to someone! You have it better than a lot of people could even dream about. So use that to your advantage, and help others in their journey.

I love you all TONS. And I hope you have a safe, happy, mouse-free week!  :)

And for those heading back to school, and dreading the new flow of homework, just remember that there are plenty of people who would take your place to get an education if they could. So count your blessings, and enjoy your blessings.

Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith     

P.S. No pictures this week, because my camera died. Not sure why, but I will figure out a way to send you something next week.

YOU are part of the Plan!


Everyday I feel like I can understand just a little bit more of how much each individual is a part of the great plan that God has for us. 

But I think that there are three types of People:
Those who THINK about doing it.
Those who TALK about doing it.
And those who DO it.

I am a firm believer that ANYTHING is Possible. If your roots are planted in a good purpose.

You can relate that to any aspect of your life.

Do you THINK about serving your neighbor, TALK about serving your neighbor, or DO you actually serve them?

Our potential at times may seem overwhelming, that we are almost caught in fear to utilize it. But if you are willing to put in the work, God is willing to give you the blessings.

"Each of us has more opportunities to do good and to be good than we ever use. These opportunities lie all around us. Whatever the size of our present circle of effective influence, if we were to improve our performance even a little bit, that circle would be enlarged. There are many individuals waiting to be touched and loved if we care enough to improve in our performance." - Spencer W. Kimball

Believe that Miracles still exist, but be willing to play a role in them.
Here is a picture from a little store here. And it is called The Mission, so obviously I had to take a picture here.  :)

I Love You all, and I hope that you have a week filled with Success and Happiness! And I will be striving for Success and encountering Happiness here in Caborca also.  :)

Love Always,
                     Hermana Smith    

Slackin on emails


Ah sorry I am an awful writer for the group emails lately! But today when I signed in I had 46 unopened emails. Which that is not a complaint, I love the love and support of family and friends. But, I still have a ton more to reply to. But that doesnt mean stop, keep the emails coming!  :)

Next week, the group one will be sent first, eh?

I gave a talk on Sunday about Missionary Work, crazy I know.  ;)

But obviously being a Missionary it is SO much more obvious how important it really is. So... do your part wherever you are, eh?  :)

Our Heavenly Father loves us, more than we can comprehend. He is aware of our needs with a perfect love, PERFECT. Our Savior suffered for us so that we can become better, do better, and reach our potential. The Holy Ghost will guide us on our individual paths if we are worthy of it.

Me and my companion keeping hydrated!  :)  Or shadows arent very cute with 50 pound backpacks on.  ;)


Happy Birthday Shoutout to my Amazing Father he turned the big 55 today, ooh-ooo!!!  :D

Love you all!

Have a fabulous and productive week.

Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith

Will you help them cross the river?!


So as a Mormon, well... we always make examples of things. So since this past week was Pioneer Day (July 24th). I want to talk more symbolically about our work as Members today. We arent asked to walk long distances, with little or close to no food, in life threatening weather. But we are asked to help share the gospel with others. There were Pioneers who had to cross ice filled rivers, and they helped eachother do it. The left all that they had, because they wanted to follow God with his work and will.

Today, lets say the river is life. And as members, we are asked to take nonmembers by the hand and help them get across. But as we cross the river together, we need to help others with their trials. And the river can be crossed with more ease if those people can obtain The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I get it, it can be scary, or WHAT IF they dont want it?! But, the better question is, WHAT IF they do?!  :) 

I dont want to meet people when we leave this life here on earth. And for them to say, you knew it all along, and you DIDNT tell me?!

The more we attempt to work with Members, I have come to learn that Every Member ISNT a Missionary. And that sounds bitter. But to be a Missionary, that is a CHOICE. Oh course you can be a Member Missionary. But without any works, you arent given that title and Privelege. So if you are a "Member Missionary", to that I say, Prove It.

Woah-kay, not really a fan of Selfies, but we were the first ones to our Zone Meeting, so... we took a picture. Ignore the background. And just notice the fact that it is Hermana Smith and Hermana Rodriguez.

P.S. On a random note. I often laugh when I see people who wear shirts here in English, when I am pretty sure they dont know what it really says. For example we saw an older woman who was wearing a shirt that said, "Its Friday Night, Put your Swag on!" Ha ha. First off, it was Saturday mid-day, and I am pretty sure that Swag is one of the last words that this sweet lady would choose in her vocabulary.

Okay, well I love you all. And I hope you have a Beautiful Week! Look for opportunites to serve others this week, sometimes it is the littlest things that count most.

Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith     

Excitement, Hope & Baptisms


Me and my companion found it appropriate to put some labels on some juice that we drink. Excitement, Hope, and Baptisms. We said we dont get to enjoy from the Baptism one as much as we would like. But if you arent excited about the work, and it isnt filled with hope, you will never get to the goal.

Transfers were today, but me and my companion Hermana Rodriguez are together still in Caborca. Which is what we both wanted, so that is good. Because we have some baptisms in August that we are STOKED about!  :)

Here is a picture of me and Hermana Rodriguez, because I feel like I havent really sent ones of us together too much. But oops sorry that my hair is blocking my tag.  :S  

I hope that you all have a beautiful week, full of Excitement, Hope, and Baptisms, eh?!  :)

Love You!

Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith     

P.S. Sorry it was so short, hopefully it is longer next week

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What if He comes tomorrow?


​I took this picture when I was serving in Hermosillo, but it was when I was on a bus heading to a Zone Meeting. It says, "Jesus Christ is Coming".

When I was taking the picture there was a young boy in front of the bus who said "What happened?!" He thought I was taking a picture of an accident or something of that nature. Which I thought was ironic. Because there are so many people who dont know that Jesus Christ IS Coming!

I dont want to be completely blindsided by the second coming. I want to be comfortable with my actions. I want to be found attending church, I want to be caught in the act of serving my neighbor. So what if he comes tomorrow. There are still signs that are lacking, so it isnt literally tomorrow. But we dont know exactly when that day will be.

So NOW is the time to prepare. I loved when the Temple President from the Brigham City Temple spoke in the Singles Ward. He said something along the lines of, "I can promise you that when the Savior comes again, your Stake Presidents and Bishops wont be in their offices signing your Temple Reccomend!" So with that being said, are you ready if he came today? Where do you falter?

Something that I have come to appreciate more since I have been on my mission is the sacredness of the sacrament. I am as guilty as the next person when there are times that I would think "Oh-kay, who did the pinch and tear method for the bread?! Nobody likes the overly pinched bread!" "Okay who brought the seedy bread?!" "Why is the cup half full of water, am I suppose to lick it out?!" Fine, maybe I am the only one who cant stay focused.

But the Sacrament is a grand priviledge that we have to Renew, and Remember our Baptisimal Covenants. That we can focus on Jesus Christ. That we can we forgiven for where we falter, and that we can work towards being better tomorrow. That we have a loving Savior who gave his life for us, so that we can one day return to him and his Father, our Loving Father in Heaven.

So... What if he comes tomorrow?! I want to be excited, not ashamed. I want to be rooting, not running.

So... let us all prepare better, TODAY!!!  :D

P.S. Elder Holland is my FAVORITE!!! Whenever I am down in the mission, I read one of his many beautiful talks. It doesnt matter if he was selling tupperwear in his talk, it makes me want to be a better person. And it gets me PUMPED!

Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith      

It rained on my non-existent 4th of July parade


Well a lot of you know, that 4th of July is my FAVORITE holiday! And no, they do not celebrate it here in Mexico obviously. But, it rained! Which usually people think that is bad. But do you know what that means?! It means that the sun wasnt out, yay!!! It was just a tiny bit of rain like probably 5-10 minutes if that, but it was a cloudy day!  :)

And I am going to steal this quote that a Sister from my MTC District sent this week,

"Even in a resurrected and otherwise perfected body, Christ chose to retain for the benefit of His disciples the wounds in His hands, feet and side - signs that painful things happen even to the pure and perfect. Pain in this world is not evidence that God doesn't love you. [It is] that problems pass and happiness can be ours." - Jeffrey R Holland

I hope that you all have a fantastic week, if your times are rough, and your luck seems down, it is time to get on your knees and thank your Heavenly Father for every blessing that you do have. I love the challenge that an apostle gave, to have a prayer purely of thanks.

Because there are a lot of times (I am just as guilty as the next person), when we just list all of our wants to God, as if it was a Christmas List to Santa. It is the time to be greatful, even for our trials. That is what gives us strength for our future, and our appreciation for the better that is soon awaiting.

Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith    
P.S. It was exactly one year ago today, that I made the decision to serve a mission. And that very day, I called to make an appointment with my Bishop. And whoo, here I am now in Mexico!  :)  It is hard work, but it is worth it. And it is rewarding to see people change into the better version of themselves that they were always meant to be.

Oh and a funny short story, this week there was this lady that we taught and she asked where I was from, I told her Utah. And she said, "I know someone from Utah, and they are a Mormon, So you probably know them!"

I didnt want to explain that me knowing a random Mormon in Utah was like knowing a Catholic in Rome. Ha ha.  :)

Lalala - June 30, 2014


I didnt have a creative title in mind for this email, so if you know me, you know I feel blank space with noises sometimes, so there you have it.

I also dont have time to write a group email this week really. Opps. Sorry, I had to reply to the rush of Birthday and Wedding emails from last week still. But I will repent, and do better next week, eh?

And... I dont konw how to turn pictures on this computer, sorry.

This is in front of the building that is like the most famous in Caborca, and I think it is a Catholic Temple, or something like that. But yeah, I appreciate architect (spelling?).

Love you all, and I hope you have a beautiful week ahead of you!  :)

Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith     

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Follow the Path of Happiness

Hola!  :)

Well first I want to say that I know that Heavenly Father answers your prayers. It wont be immediately, maybe you have more to learn first. But if they are prayers that are sincere and with a good purpose, if you ask, he will happily bless you. I have been praying for over two months in my mission to find a family of five. And yes in Caborca they were found! They are GOLDEN! I will write more about them later. They dont officially have baptism dates yet, but I am confident that they will get baptized on July 19th. So I will keep you posted more about them later. (Below is the four children from the family yesterday at church, and then also there is their Dad that we are teaching.) From left to right = Juliana, (Me), Jackilyn, Jade, and Alberto.

I read a super good talk this week, well actually I am obsessed with it, so I read it three times. It is called "Follow the Path of Happiness" By Bishop Gerald Causse (1st Counselor in the Presiding Bishopric). READ IT!  :)

Our Branch is slowly but surely improving. Me and my companion fasted for them this past Saturday and yes, it was a for real fast 24 hours, not the Apostasy Mormon-Utah kind of two meals or whatever the individual wants. Ha. Our Branch Mission Leader is Amazing! And he told me and my compainon "It doesnt matter what the missionaries before you did or didnt do. Your Mission President sent you here for a Revolution!" And that is what we are working for!  :)

Oh and during the World Cup, it doesnt matter who you are Mexican Man, Woman, Child, or Baby, they are watching when Mexico plays! We only spent like twenty minutes in the grocery store today and while we were in there 3 goals were made. People were freaking out! Yeah it is a joke trying to teach people if a game is on. Even if it is a lesson to a less active or a member, sometimes they still leave the tv on with the sound off. This too shall pass. Ha ha.

P.S. I forgot to share a story (well there a plenty of stories I never got the chance to share, but this one came to mind) about when I was in Hermosillo. And during a lesson I looked down on my lap, and there was a cockroach, somehow I kept my cool, and just sweeped it off my lap and continued on with the lesson. Then the next day during a lesson in a different house, there wasnt one, but TWO mice in the corner of the room while we were teaching. No promises will be made that if one of those is on my lap that I will sweep it off calmly.

Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith

6 Month Photo

Well I hit 6 months out on the 18th of June. So I thought it would be most appropriate to write it on a tortilla.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Welcome to Caborca!


Here is a picture of me and my companion Hermana Rodriguez, standing in the thirsty dirt of Caborca. Im not sure that I am meant to have a companion taller than 5"3. Ha ha. I think Hermana Rodriguez is about 5 feet.

Today our Zone made Empanadas.
(I inserted a picture of it, but it was too big for the email, opps. Maybe I will send it in a seperate email next week.)

Oh Caborca, it has a lot of Potential. If we stick with it, and our heads held high. This area can have GREAT success. Yesterday was our first Sunday here in Caborca, and we are in Branch 1. I like to think there were less people than usual. There were about 35 people who attended our Branch Sacrement Meeting. I told my companion that I think it is about the size of my Home Ward Primary, and then I thought about it again and replied... actually I think my Home Ward Primary is bigger. Ha.

But we have a great Branch Mission Leader. And there are a ton of people here in Caborca who I am certain are ready for our message. So I am excited to continue in the work here!  :)

And before I was like woof 22, the old woman of the misson. But, in Caborca their are two Hermanas who are 25 and one who is 26. But really it doesnt matter your age to join in Gods work, and it doesnt matter if you have a missionary tag or not. It is time to invite!  :)

Sorry it is so short, I will try to write more next week.

Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith     

Your Point of View, is Up to You! :)

Hola Little Darlings,

Well my next area is... Caborca! My companion was mad at one of the Assistants, "Why would you send her there?!" And he said that they have trust in me, and because I had baptisms. Etc. Because when I first got here to Mexico, Caborca was closed for Hermanas. So me and my new companion, Hermana Rodrigez, are going to open an area there.

Well, Caborca is basically the joke place of the misson. Its like count your blessings, at least you arent going to Caborca. And a member asked me where I was being sent, after I told him, he said "Just remember that the church is true, just remember that the church is true." People always call it "Calor-ca". Which calor is heat, so in Cabora, apparently it is the most hot area in the mission. Which I didnt think hotter than here existed, but it does. It is like the armpit of Mexico, and like walking on fire. Tuesday it was 127° here in Hermosillo. Yet somehow the member still fed us boiling hot soup for lunch. Ha. So I will be heading to Caborca tomorrow with my new companion. So lets walk on fire with a smile then, shall we?!  :)

Because your point of view, is up to you. You determine your outlook and your attitude. I mean its not like I love to prove people wrong. Okay fine, if you know me... I sometimes love to prove people wrong. So I will be greatful to be in that beautifl place, and at least I will not receive frost bite there. I want to help make it the cool place to serve, people should come running for baptisms! I didnt come on a mission thinking "Oh THIS should be EASY. And Ive got a year and a half to burn up some time." I came to WORK. And I would sleep in the dirt if it meant more baptisms.

You cant just BE someone, you have to BECOME someone, it is a process, a life-long journey.

Are you what youve always imagined you could be? Or have you EXCEEDED it?!

Random Photo = These were cards that I put up in my last apartment to help me learn Spanish, okay maybe I am a visual learner. Ha.
Love You all TONS!!!  :)  And I hope that your week is filled with happiness and success.

Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith    

Monday, June 2, 2014

100° sounds nice to me! :)


Well it is getting HOT here! It is sad that we get excited when it is 100°, because today was 115° and tomorrow is suppose to be 120°
Yesterday after sacrament meeting, the Relief Society President told me and my companion that we were giving the lesson. Okay... no time to REALLY prepare. But, it was amazing to me in the fact, that I was able to say everything that I needed to say in Spanish. Me and my companion switched off on ever other point, and I did better than I thought I would to express to these woman the importance of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and how it is intertwined in our lives in every aspect. Which that isnt to pat my own back, that is to say that I know that the Lord helped me, and made up the difference where I falter.
This morning we went on a hike, and it translates to "The Hill of the Bell". You can knock on some rocks there and it sounds like a bell. Some people didnt think it was as cool or as fun as I did. But I was just knocking away, making songs, and having a blast.  :)

Here is one of our current investigators, her name is Yo Hany. Ah I love her SO much! Her life has been FAR FAR from easy, but she is still so sweet.

I Love you all TONS! And I hope that you realize that God is in the details of your life. When you have a doubt or a question, turn to the man who created it all.

Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith     

Vejito Favorito

Here is a picture of me and my companion with our investigator Francisco. But when me and my companion refer to him to each other we say our "Vejito Favorito", which just means favorite oldman. But he buys us coke, and is just the nicest oldman.

Limes are Lemons, Lemons are Limes


This week I will just tell you a little bit of random. For example, the title of the e-mail "Limes are Lemons, Lemons are Limes". Here in Mexico, the little green citrus translates to be lemons, and the bigger yellow citrus translates to be limes. When I first got here I was confused by it, now Im like eh, call it what you want. Ha.

I went on exchanges this week with a sister training leader, Hermana Aguirre (she is currently companions with my old companion Hermana Juarez), so Hermana Juarez came back to our area and was on exchanges with my companion Hermana Lopez. I spent the day working with Hermana Aguirre in her area of Cuauhtemoc, I spent the night at her house, and we switched companions back the next morning. 

But when I had lunch with her at a members house from her ward, it was a little old lady. And while I was there the member called her daughter on her phone and said, "Yes, the prophet Joseph Smiths grand daughter is in my house RIGHT now. She looks a lot like him! And she is SOOO tall!" All I could think was, you are talking about me right in front of my face, and yes I do know what you are saying. And in reality, I am just a tall white person, with the last name Smith. Ha ha.

Here is a rock that is outside of the mission home, "Regresa con Honor" = "Return with Honor".

This week we didnt have a ton of lessons, but we still worked hard, and received a ton of nos. But yesterday we found some solid people that we can teach this week. So YES, hard work always pays off, you just need to be faithful and diligent with it. And the hundred nos are okay, because it makes the yes that much more special.

Love you all TONS, and I hope you have a fantastic week!  :)

Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith    

Racist Mosquitos & Gerardos Baptism! :)

Hola!  :)

This week honestly flew by. In the words of Ryan Erwin from his mission "A day feels like a week, and a week feels like a day!"

But it is true, somedays feel forever long, but then looking at the week, I wonder where it went?!

Okay "Racist Mosquitos"! Is because I have several Mosquito Bites, and with my former Mexican companion she didnt have any. And my current Mexican companion, also doesnt really have any. Same apartment, same room, those little, selective, Racist Mosquitos! Ha ha.

Okay this past Saturday was the baptism of Gerardo.
He has three sons who are all members, but me and Hermana Juarez started teaching him in like March. He had to leave for almost a month for work, but we set a baptism date with him before he left. Then when he came back me and my companion Hermana Lopez taught him. And he was baptized this past Saturday. Yay for Baptisms!!!  :)

This is an older photo from like two months ago maybe. I dont know what other photos to send home. Here is just a photo from a night in Mexico, the sky was prettier in person, hopefully it still looks somewhat cool in this picture.

Love you all tons, and I hope you have a fantastic week!  :)

Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith    

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Faith isnt a friend of Fear, & Blanquitas Baptism! :)


Hmmm... where to even begin?! This week was kind of a blur with a whole bunch of random thrown inbetween. But obviously the best part was Blanquitas Baptism!!! Whoo finalmente! Oh yeah, and Mothers Day was good also, to talk with my family on Skype.
If you remember from emails before, the process for Blanquita wasnt a quick or easy one. Her husband was gone because he is a Solder (that doesnt look right, but I honestly dont remember how to spell it, it is a person in the Army, it is Soldado in Spanish). So first they had to get married, and yadda yadda, a million other details.
But the day finally came for Blanquita! (If you remember her son Aldo was the first baptism I was blessed to be a part of when I came here. And her four other children were baptized before.) Ah the day of the baptism was just one crazy thing after another. And it was a long story but we didnt know if the baptism was going to happen on Saturday due to schedule isses and blah. So my companion said do we fill the font or wait for an official yes or what? And I said fill that puppy up! Faith first, miracles second. A baptism was going down! And then after we made the decision to do all that we could with our part to make the baptism happen that day, then we got the phone call with in minutes that it was happening!
With other baptisms I was in the crowd, watching in a chair in front of the font with everyone else. But with Blanquita I was waiting at the door at the top of the stairs for when she exited the font with a towel and a hug. And it was such a sweet experience. I gave her a hug when she came out of the font, and she began to cry. She had waited so long for this day. And in that moment, all the sweat, tears, and work was worth it. She said "The best, right?!" She said "Que rico, no?!" People here say que rico when they have a good experience or food that they like, and they say no after alot of things as if for you to agree with them in a form of a question.
And a missionary I am well aware that the baptisms arent about ME. The work isnt about ME. It isnt for Melanie to be completely comfy cosy in all that she does. The work is hard, and the no"s come fast and frequently. But when the yes comes, it makes it worth it. And as I think yay me, look how hard I have worked. God has always been working on their hearts longer and harder. So it is my job to find the people where their will meets Gods will, and that is the miracles.
Okay, love you all tons, keep up your own personal missionary work as well. How long has it been since you shared your testimony with someone? How long has it been since you have invited someone to join you in the happiness of the gospel? What are you waiting for? Push your fears aside, and fill that font!
Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith    

Here is a picture of me, Blanquita, and my current companion Hermana Lopez. It was hard with the baptism clothes because Blanquita is SUPER small, and we only had one dress as an option to use. So I took a white mens church tie, and tied it tight around her waist with a bow in the back, and folded the extra length part of her dress over the tie. So it just ended up being a shorter dress, so she didnt completely drown in all of that extra fabric.

And here is a photo of Adolfo, Aldo, Hermana Juarez, Me, Marta with Gorda, Adolfo and Blanquita. It was a Sunday after church. It is the best when the people you work with make the choice to come to church and learn more of what God has to offer for them in thier lives.


Friday, May 9, 2014

Want to be a Smith?! And who are you inviting to your dinner party?

Hola!  :)

So my companion forgot her missionary tag the other day and we werent close to our house and we needed to get to an appointment. I bought an extra one to keep in my backpack incase I forgot mine (thankfully I havent run into that problem yet). So she knew it was better than no tag. But I told her it wasnt going to be the best thing when people met us, like what would we say, "Hello, Im Hermana Smith! And this is my companion Hermana Smith! And we want to tell you about Joseph Smith! You too can be a Smith after you are baptized in our church!  ;) "

So usually we have to make sure our hair isnt blocking our tag, but she had it in a braid, and tried to block the Smith part. We thought we were successful with our day of both being Hermana Smiths. But then the next day our lesson with a brand new investigator, and he asked "Is Smith the last name of everyone in your church?" Because he saw us the day before when he met us and read our tags. Dont worry we explained ourselves.

The second part of my email title is "Who are you inviting to your dinner party?" Because recently I had a dream and I was sitting at the head of a table, I didnt really know whos house I was at, but all I knew was that I must be SUPER important and I was SO excited to be there! So then I looked to my right to see who else was so honored to be with me at this special dinner. And I saw three men with dirty faces, nappy hair, and torn clothes, eager for food. It was like some of the homeless people I have seen here in the streets. And then I woke up. And from this I think it is important for us to recognize that we are just as equal as the person in the street, the person who you dont get along with at work, the family member who said something unkind to, or anyone that you come in contact with. So "Who are you inviting to your dinner party?" Means, do you think you are better than people. Or can we all learn to humble ourselves and be more kind, more patient, and more giving. Because we are all children of God, and you never know what that homeless man has gone through, what the "rude" person at work is dealing with at home, or the background story of anyone that you come in contact with. Everyone has trials, and it is our job to judge less, and love more.

I told my Trainer (Mom) that I would eat a hotdog with her on our last day together (well the last) saturday. Because I never buy meat on my own, or seek it out for a meal. I just eat it with members if they give it to me. But everyone raves about the hotdogs here. It is a hot dog, wrapped in bacon, with really good bread, and you can choose from a ton of toppings. And... I ate it , and I didnt die.

P.s. Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! :) I think it is actually recognized more in the united states than it is in Mexico. Ha ha.

and this Saturday is mothers day in mexico, it is always the 10th of may, no matter what day of the week that is. so i get to Skype home!!!  :D

Love you all!

love always,
                      Hermana Smith     

Fashion with Missionary Work

Here is a photo of me with Isabella and Susanna. And you might faint from shock, but... the shirt that I am wearing in this picture is the only new article of clothing I have bought since I have been in Mexico. But it was soon after I got here, so it was when I was still weak about shopping for clothes. But... I made sure to share the gospel with the people that owned the store while we were there. And me and Hermana Juarez were invited back to teach them many more after in their Boutique. And they invited us to their house for lunch one day. And because of changes they didnt know if we would still be here or not. So they let us each pick out a blouse from their Boutique for FREE!  :)  Eh, who said you cant mix fashion with Missionary Work?!  ;)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Wedding, A Mouse, & A New Companion

HOLA!  :)
This week has been crazy but good. After our baptisms with Alfonso and Mari Campos we had not the easiest week. But I told my companion that we needed to "Suck it up!" (Not in a mean way, I teach her random English phrases that she doesnt know. So when things get hard or we arent being as Humble as we need to, we tell eachother "Suck it up!")

So I told her "We need to suck it up! Because the bad times prepare you to enjoy the good times. So this week isnt good, because it is preparing us for a Miracle."

Me and Hermana Juarez have really been working hard with Blanquita ever since February for her to get married. But her "husband" is in the Military, so he was gone for a long time. But long story short with out the million crazy details, the miracle came. Blanquita and Adolfo got married this week! YAY!  :)  And when he came back for Military leave, he told us that he had read the whole Book of Mormon! He read it in one month, cover to cover, there are people who have been members their whole lives, and they cant say that they have read it cover to cover. So if that is you... what are you waiting for?! Why do you care where the 116 lost pages are, if you havent read the ones that you have already been given? But honestly with Adolfo you could tell the difference, he seems like a different person, it sounds clique, but it is honesty. The Gospel of Jesus Christ changes people. AND they are both getting baptized in a few weeks. Ooh Ooh, the week of pish posh was worth it!
Here is a picture from their wedding day. They needed four witnesses above the age of 18, so it was me and my companion and two missionaries that helped teach their family earlier. So as I am missing weddings at home that I was suppose to be a bridesmaid at, this is pretty good too.  ;)

Okay quickly about the mouse story. Me and my companion were teaching we had a sister training leader with us also. We were in a small room with the door closed, and the three of us were sitting on a bed, while the investigator was sitting on a chair across from us. And... I saw a shadow from the corner of my eye scurry across the floor, so I just hoped my best and assumed it was a big fast cocroach. But then my companion was freaking out on my left. So I whispered to  her "Suck it up! And be humble!" And she replied "You arent the one who has a mouse by you!" Her feet were lifted off the ground, but she is less than five feet tall, so she scooted back on the bed, and her feet hung above the ground, not a noticable big deal. Then on my right side the other Hermana scooted back to have her feet above the groud. Okay, lets be real, there is no way my feet were going to hang above the ground. Yeah right. So here I am with legs for days compared to them, and I just elivated my feet up, Im sure it looked awkward. The lesson seemed like an eternity. But we survived. Ha.

So with changes, my companion Hermana Juarez left, and she is now a Sister Training Leader. And I stayed here in Hermosillo, Area Modelo B. And I received a new Companion, Hermana Lopez. She is great, I have heard nothing but good things about her. She doesnt know any English... but I think it is a blessing, because it will really push me to speak Spanish ALL the time. Because... it is my only option. Ha ha.

Well I love you all... continue to pray EVERY DAY, know that not just anyone is listening, but your Loving Heavenly Father, who wants nothing but the best for you. And he is willing to help you with anything, but first you need to pray, and apply your part of action as well.

Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Baptism of Mari Campos!


Okay, last week I focused on the story of Alfonso, but also last Saturday was the Baptism of Mari Campos. She is a woman of strong faith and diligence. I wont go into the details of the back story of her life, because I feel like it is too much personal information. But, just know that she is a great example of someone overcoming trials, and putting one foot forward at a time everyday, knowing that God is aware of her and her children as well.

Here is a photo of us from her Baptism day, outside of the Hermosillo, Senora - Mexico Temple.

Me and My Companion sang at the Baptism. Yeah I know... Im not the first one to offer to sing. But we sang, "Yo se que vive mi Señor" = "I know that My Redeemer Lives". And as we stood in front of everyone, Alfonso and Mari were on the front row right in front of us in white. And it didnt matter that Im not a super star at singing. The lyrics were what are important. The journey of their lives to get them to the point of baptism, forgiven of their sins, and moving towards a brighter future. 

She was confirmed a member of the church yesterday in Sacrament. She has two sons, Erwin (who is in the picture here), and Santiago (who is her five month old baby). And Santiago was blessed yesterday. So it was a super happy day!  :)

My Companion, Hermana Juarez, and me yesterday on Easter. We didnt wake up to the Easter Bunny... but it was still a great day.  ;)  And we can all look the other way and ignore the blonde streaks in my hair. Ha ha.

Christ is our Redeemer, he suffered for our sins, short comings and infirmities. He did it for all of us, but he would have done it if it was just YOU. His love is perfect, and so is his plan. I hope that we can all appreciate the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and become better every day.

P.S. Next week is Transfer Day... Ah, I dont know!

I Love You All!

Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Alfonso's Baptism!!! :)


This week has been super crazy, but full of blessings also.

Okay, Alfonso is my favorite!

Before I left on my Mission, I made a list of goals that I wanted to apply. And one of them was, "Dont forget the man sitting in the gutter. meaning, every person deserves the gospel of Jesus Christ in their life." And that is exactly where we found Alfonso, he was sitting in his wheelchair in the gutter, sweeping leaves. And I asked him if he needed help. we offer help a lot to people here with service, they usually say no, but we still offer.(okay side note, this computer is ghetto and isnt letting me make a lot of letters capital, so ignore that fact). but alfonso said yes. So we helped him sweep leaves and began talking to him about life. then we asked him if we could share with him our message, and he happily said yes.

when we showed up to his house he was excitedly waiting outside for us right on time! He is humble and loving, and easily welcomed the message we had. we would randomly suprise him outside the store where he sweeps, or at his house and he was always reading the pamphlets that we gave him, always studying! And we even caught him reading them and sharing them with people around him, doing his own missionary work!

i told the story of him in an email before where he came all by himself the 25 blocks in the blazing sun, in his wheelchair. because he knows the importance of what it means to be at church every week.

me and my companion had colds one week, and then next day when we came back Alfonso had bought us cough drops. he always buys us little treats that he gives us in sacrament meeting on sundays. He called us his little angels, and even made up a little friend cheer that we do. Ha ha.

But this is also a good example of timing, i dont think if we met 20 or 30 year old Alfonso if he would have taken our message the same. god has a plan for each one of us, and it will all work out in his timing.

just a typical lesson at alfonsos house, always having fun with him.

this past saturday alfonso was baptized, clean from all the past. here we are infront of the Hermosillo, mexico temple. it is right next door to the church house that we meet at.

alfonso after his baptism, ah I wish you all knew him, he is the best!

i love you all tons! And i hope you have a week full of success in all that you do.

love always,
hermana Smith

p.s. Mari Campos got baptized on Saturday also. I will tell you her story next week. She is getting confirmed this next Sunday.

Uplifted From General Conference

Familia y Amigos,
I hope your Conference Weekend was filled with answers, joy, and encouragement. I was blessed to find a television outside some offices in our building that was playing Conference in ENGLISH! It was just sitting there on, in front of a way comfortable couch, with nobody occupying it. Just a little TV that decended from Heaven to let me hear Conference in English. ;) Luckily my Companion knows English also, so we were able to watch both of the Saturday sessions there. The first session just us, and the second with the Elders that speak English after we shared with them our discovery (because everyone else was watching it in the Chapel in Spanish with Members and Investigators). Then on Sunday for the first session we watched it in Spanish, because 5 of our Investigators came to watch it as well. And then for the second session we watched it in English.
But actually my favorite talk was one that I listened to in Spanish. So I will share with you what I took from it, hopefully the meaning didnt get lost in translation. My favorite was the Sunday Morning Session by Elder Uchtdorf about Gratitude. (P.S. My spelling in English is awful now, that was the struggle during Conference when I wrote notes in English I know I spelled a lot of things wrong.) He talked of how Gratitude isnt just for when things are going good in your life, and it isnt to be linked with the quanitity of your blessings. Gratitude is to be recognized in all situations, especially your trials and short comings.
I know that is true, we should be greatful for our trials, because that makes our blessings that much sweeter. God knows what he is doing, his hand is in our lives, it is as close as we will let it be. As we apply our faith with actions, because it isnt enough to just happily hold your faith alone. We must MOVE forward with Faith, knowing that God will do his part. Our ACTION of Faith is an example of our love and trust to our Heavenly Father. And as we pair that with prayer, our opportunities are endless. With God as our Business Partner in all things, we can not fail.
And General Conference isnt meant to be ignored for another six months. The talks will all be made available on , so... we can read and study them, and learn even more!

Working Hard on the Ranch! Nah not really, because it was Sunday. But a recent convert invited us to have lunch with her on Sunday at her parents Ranch, inbetween the sessions of Conference.

This same member gave me and my companion these bracelets. Super sweet of her! The people in our ward here are SO good to the Missionaries! A lot of them are converts, so they love the Missionaries, because they remember the Missionaries that shared the Gospel with them, and how the Gospel has changed their lives. (Hna. is an abbreviation for Hermana.)

I hope that you are all having a Wonderful Day, and preparing for a Fabulous Week!
Pray, PRAY often. And know that God IS listening. Be patient, and willing to comprehend the will of God as well.
I Love you TONS!!!

Love Always,
Hermana Smith    

Friday, April 4, 2014

Give with a Happy Heart! :)

Little Darlings,

I hope you are all doing beyond fabulous!

One of the many lessons that I have learned since I have been on my mission is that Charity should be our first option. Me and Hermana Juarez were teaching a family, and we noticed that they didnt have food. As missionaries, of course we are not rolling in the dough here. But I cant know that someone is in need, and not help them. So when we left we took a chunk from our budget knowing that we would have less than what we wanted and we went to the store and bought them the basics and what we knew they needed. And of course, what happened that week, members, random investigators and people gave us food. I asked my companion, "You know why people are giving us food right?" She said no, and I replied "Because we gave that family all that food." Little by little we were payed back for our deed, God wasnt going to let us his missionaries go hungry. And that isnt to say that you should give, with expectations of receiving, but all will turn out in the end. So give, love, and serve, knowing that God will do his part. 

Another time a homeless man came knocking at our gate for food. Once again our cupboards are far from bursting with food. But we had, so we gave. And later that day this man randomly bought us cold drinks in the hot sun. And I asked my companion, "You know why that man bought us drinks, right?" She said no, and I replied "Because, we gave that man food this morning." It is important that we give God credit for our blessings and tender mercies in life.

My favorite scripture is Mosiah 4:24, I am not going to type it, that means you have to go look it up yourself, nice eh?!  ;)

And my favorite story of the week: We taught a lesson early one morning, so after we were going to return to our apartment. We started walking down the street and I saw a old man in the distance, he was riding a bike, with a big cart thing with wheels attached to the front with an old woman sitting in it. All I could think was, how loving of him to bike her around. We crossed the rode, I looked back at them. I had an overwhelming feeling that we needed to talk to them. So I told my companion we needed to cross back to the other side of the rode again. We began to talk to them, and jeesh talk about HUMBLE! I had an instant love for them. They opened up and told us that their only son died three months ago. The woman said that she has diabetes, and she held in her hand an empty insulin bottle. She sadly told us that it was too expensive, and she hadnt had insulin in four days. I took the bottle and wrote down all of the details, and gave it back. We gave them pamphlets for the Plan of Salvation, we got their address to send missionaries to their house since they were out of our area. And we told them where our ward met on Sundays and what time, they were so excited and said that they would come. But as missionaries well know, you tend to not believe the "I will come to church." speil, until you see it. But I knew that wasnt enough, this woman was in need. And we could help her. So we went to a Pharmacy and I bought some insulin. My companion said sweet, we can give it to them on Sunday if they come. I said yeah right, she could die without insulin. So we went back to the streets to find them, thinking they couldnt have gone too far. But my roommate at BYU used insulin, and I knew that you had to keep it in the fridge. And it was only a zillion and a half degrees this day. I have a camelback backpack, and I put the insulin in the insulated part with my water, to keep it as low of temperature as I could. And we took a bus, and took it to her house. We had beat them to their house, but left it with a relative there. And I thought that was it, we did our part, end of story. No, who came to church on Sunday and sat right be?! This humble man and woman, ready and thirsty for the Gospel!  :)

A quote that one of my MTC Teachers gave me that I love is, "When a man is starving there is no opportunity to feed him spiritually. Only when a man has been fed and clothed and his temporal needs have been satisfied, and only then can you begin to spiritualize that man." - Harold B. Lee

This is a stinkin long email. But I hope you get the point, give, if you are blessed (which I know you are), GIVE. Point blank. It doesnt have to be your money, it can be your time, your talent, or your friendship. Everyone has something that someone else is lacking, so whatever it is, split and multiply it!

Here is a picture of some Hermanas after the Relief Society Broadcast this week.

I dont know, all I think of when I see this sign is, be cautious when bacon is crossing the road.

Okay and last of all General Confrence this Weekend, HOLLA! It is like the Super Bowl for Missionaries. Mmm mmm, so pumped!!! So I invite all of you to watch it this Saturday and Sunday. It is designed for everyone. Go with questions that you need answered, go humbly, and the answers will pour out to you. My notes might be shorter, as I write them in Spanish. But it will still be as sweet as ever.

I love you all!

Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith