Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baptism of Adrian!!! :)

Hola!  :D

Well this week has been kind of crazy, but great.

Adrian had his Interview, and when we were exiting the District Leader told me he didnt even seem like an investigator when he asked him the questions.

Well Adrian is super great he searched and watched a lot of church movies. I think he has seen more church movies than a lot of members of many years have. They were super excited to watch Meet the Mormons in theaters.

When they clean the house they listen to hymns.

Friday we had the baptism of Adrian. He is the Dad of Carlos and the Husband of Ana. He was baptized 4 months to the day after his first contact with missionaries.

All friday I was thinking. This day has been so calm for a baptism. Usually we have difficulties of some sort. But how great that we havent. Latty datty dah. We went to the church to fill up the font, we were running a little late. But we were sure the font would be a quick clean. Nope. The trial was hidding in the font.

Our new key didnt work. But it was easy to open it by shoving a key in the slit of the door. 

But when we started to walk down the steps of the font we found not one but TWO dead mice in the baptism font. Gross. You know my first reaction, I called the Elders to come do a quick service project for us. They said they would, but it would take a bit because they werent that close. Whatever, we sucked it up and did it on our own.


Yay! :) I told Adrian we should mix it up and go to the other pictures in the chapel for his picture. (Yes I think about these things.)

​As his baptism was great!  :)  He and his wife also sharred their testimonies. Their family holds a special place in my heart.
I love the gospel with all my heart. And there is no better place to apply it than within the walls of our homes with our loved ones. Trials will come, they always do. But the blows will be easier to handle and uphold.

I love you all and I hope you can help invite FAMILIES enjoy the Gospel. 

A good goal would be to invite someone to General Conference this weekend. 

Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith   

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