Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baptism of Carlos! :)

Okay... where to start.

Carlos and his parents (Adrian and Ana), are super Golden. Ana works at a Salon. And one day some Elders were getting their hair cut. Long story short some sister missionaries before us we visiting them also but were transfered.

This family reads their scriptures frequently and pray constantly. And that is harder than it seems like it would be for investigators. But they are great. Carlos kept asking when he could be baptized.

We asked him more of why it is important to be baptized and he replied, "I want to learn more about Jesus Christ". And his desires to follow him. His parents are still preparing for their baptisms in the near future.

Well on Friday the 13th we had TWO baptisms WHOO!!! So that was really good luck. But then our Ward Mission Leader went to fill the font in the Chapel at 5AM, for the Baptism that was at 8AM. And well... it overflooded. So we spent about 40 minutes or so pushing water out of the church. But luckily here (unlike Utah Chapels) it is all tile. So no pasa nada.

​Here is a picture of the pre-baptism clean up crew. Me and my companion, the Elders from our Ward, Carlos and his parents, and our Ward Missionary Leader.

Sometimes it is harder than you would think it is to get people here to smile in pictures. So I try my very best to encourage them when I am behind the camera.

​Future Missionary?! I think so!  :)

Con Amor,
                Hermana Smith     

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