Tuesday, April 28, 2015



Well dont be hating... but. I dont really have time OR pictures. So enjoy this randomness I will send.

- Mayra who was batptized mid Feb. got a calling yesterday, she is the new Nursery Teacher. And her husband Adan got a calling as the Sunday School Teacher. And Carlos will be passing the sacrament next Sunday. More success from the recent converts!  :)

- A man pulled his car over this week just to get out and ask me if I played basketball and where I am from (not as uncommon as you would think.) The fact that I am a tall white girl is a screaming fact that I can not hide, and people note it and throw english words at me ALL the time! Anyways... he asked me where I am from. And I replied Utah, so he then began to talk about Karl Malone and John Stockton. I am a Utah Jazz fan, so its all good. But then he started to say that he played for the national Mexican Basketball team in 1992. And that his wife played professional Volleyball in Europe. I tried to share the gospel with him. But instead he wrote his name in my agenda with his phone number and told me to Google him. And that he wants to teach the children of our church basketball. Then he asked if as missionaries we can get married. I said yes. He said good, I have a son who is a lot taller than you, so you can marry him. So he then wrote his sons name down for me to Google him. Ha ha ha. Also not the only talk of marriage on the mission. 

- There is always an old man that rides by in our area in his moto/scooter and he shouts to us "ANNNIIIMMMOOOO!!!" It basically means excitement/energy. But it is nice of him, and it does make us feel better.

- While I was writing the mission offices called me to ask where I want to fly in when I go home. Say what?! It is getting a little more real people!

Well I love you. Sorry so random.

Have a great week, full of happiness and dont let random people in the street choose your husband. ;)

Love Always,
                     Hermana Smith

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