Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Happy Birthday Jesus

Hola Familia y Amigos!  :)

Well today is the Birthday of Jesus and the Anniversary of the Church. 

Aw this week was great!!!

Conference. Woah, a different email altogether for that.

But as Missionaries we have been currently sharing this video. It is BEAUTIFUL! So stop reading this for literally 2 Minutes and WATCH IT!  :)

Here are the words from the video:
Wherever He walked
Wherever He taught
Wherever He healed
He changed everything
Then everything changed
The man they called Master, Messiah, Friend, was gone
but the greatest miracle was yet to come.
He is not here, He is risen
He lives, And because He lives, If your reach out, call out, cry out, He is here
Then, Now, Always
He is here
during the good, the bad, the in-between
No matter who you are
or who you were
He is here
No exceptions, no lost causes
At all times, in all places
He is here
He rose on the third day
He lives today
Find him

Now that you have seen it and enjoyed it... share it with others!

I put together these eggs for a Family Home Evening we did in my last ward. There are 9 eggs and they each tell part of the story of Easter.

Read these Scriptures they are super delightful. 

1 - The Purpose Heleman 14:15 (A picture of Christ Praying)
2 - The Sacrament Luke 22:19-20 (A Sacrament cup and bread)
3 - The Atonement/Suffering Matthew 26:39 (A picture of Christ suffering in the Garden)
4 - A crown of Thorns John 19:2-3 (Thorns)
5 - Clean Linen Matthew 27:59 (Linen)
6 - Closing the Tomb Matthew 27:60 (A rock)
7 - He has risen Matthew 28:6 (Nothing, he was not in the tomb)
8 - Marks in his hand and feet 3 Nephi 11:15 (A nail)
9 - Carrying a Cross Doctrine and Covenants 112:14 (Wood)

All I can add is my sincere testimony that I KNOW that JESUS IS THE CHRIST. I have never seen the marks in his hands. But I didnt need to. He is our Reedemer. Let him Reedem us. Turn to him. He suffered for our sins. We should not let it pass in vain. We must act. We are not perfect, that is no secret. To speak of Christ is Sacred, but not Secret. Let us tell all those who cross our path. That they may witness of his love through us.

We dyed Easter Eggs today as a zone. Super white girl - Hermana Smiths idea. Ha. But it was way fun. And most of the Latins in our Zone had never even done it before. They were like "You can eat these after?!"  :)


Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith

P.S. Jose Ramon was baptized!!!!! (Cynthias Dad, from my old area in Sahuaro.) Ah I was SOOO Happy to find that out.

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