Tuesday, April 28, 2015


When I sent home the photos of the Rosca (the bread where you find the little plastic baby Jesus). Well it means that you make Tamales on Feb. 2nd. Aw well we are lucky that it fell on a p-day.  :)

We spent part of our p-day making Tamales OazaqueƱos. And well they are done with Banana leaves. In this photo is Mayra, one of our lovely investigatores and the youngest of her three daughters. 

​We made some with Chicken and and salsa, & potatoe with jalopeƱo, salsa and cheese.

P.S. I had Intercambios (transfers) this week with Hermana Briggs. It is the first time in Mexico that I have walked with another white girl down the streets. Ha ha. So... the people ALWAYS assume that I dont know Spanish or that I am FOR SURE from the United States.

But when we were together it was funny because people thought well there cant be two of them here. So some people asked us if we were from Spain, and others asked us if we are from Argentina. AW yeah feeling a little more cultural!  :D​

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