Friday, May 9, 2014

Want to be a Smith?! And who are you inviting to your dinner party?

Hola!  :)

So my companion forgot her missionary tag the other day and we werent close to our house and we needed to get to an appointment. I bought an extra one to keep in my backpack incase I forgot mine (thankfully I havent run into that problem yet). So she knew it was better than no tag. But I told her it wasnt going to be the best thing when people met us, like what would we say, "Hello, Im Hermana Smith! And this is my companion Hermana Smith! And we want to tell you about Joseph Smith! You too can be a Smith after you are baptized in our church!  ;) "

So usually we have to make sure our hair isnt blocking our tag, but she had it in a braid, and tried to block the Smith part. We thought we were successful with our day of both being Hermana Smiths. But then the next day our lesson with a brand new investigator, and he asked "Is Smith the last name of everyone in your church?" Because he saw us the day before when he met us and read our tags. Dont worry we explained ourselves.

The second part of my email title is "Who are you inviting to your dinner party?" Because recently I had a dream and I was sitting at the head of a table, I didnt really know whos house I was at, but all I knew was that I must be SUPER important and I was SO excited to be there! So then I looked to my right to see who else was so honored to be with me at this special dinner. And I saw three men with dirty faces, nappy hair, and torn clothes, eager for food. It was like some of the homeless people I have seen here in the streets. And then I woke up. And from this I think it is important for us to recognize that we are just as equal as the person in the street, the person who you dont get along with at work, the family member who said something unkind to, or anyone that you come in contact with. So "Who are you inviting to your dinner party?" Means, do you think you are better than people. Or can we all learn to humble ourselves and be more kind, more patient, and more giving. Because we are all children of God, and you never know what that homeless man has gone through, what the "rude" person at work is dealing with at home, or the background story of anyone that you come in contact with. Everyone has trials, and it is our job to judge less, and love more.

I told my Trainer (Mom) that I would eat a hotdog with her on our last day together (well the last) saturday. Because I never buy meat on my own, or seek it out for a meal. I just eat it with members if they give it to me. But everyone raves about the hotdogs here. It is a hot dog, wrapped in bacon, with really good bread, and you can choose from a ton of toppings. And... I ate it , and I didnt die.

P.s. Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! :) I think it is actually recognized more in the united states than it is in Mexico. Ha ha.

and this Saturday is mothers day in mexico, it is always the 10th of may, no matter what day of the week that is. so i get to Skype home!!!  :D

Love you all!

love always,
                      Hermana Smith     

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