Friday, May 9, 2014

Fashion with Missionary Work

Here is a photo of me with Isabella and Susanna. And you might faint from shock, but... the shirt that I am wearing in this picture is the only new article of clothing I have bought since I have been in Mexico. But it was soon after I got here, so it was when I was still weak about shopping for clothes. But... I made sure to share the gospel with the people that owned the store while we were there. And me and Hermana Juarez were invited back to teach them many more after in their Boutique. And they invited us to their house for lunch one day. And because of changes they didnt know if we would still be here or not. So they let us each pick out a blouse from their Boutique for FREE!  :)  Eh, who said you cant mix fashion with Missionary Work?!  ;)

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