Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Will you help them cross the river?!


So as a Mormon, well... we always make examples of things. So since this past week was Pioneer Day (July 24th). I want to talk more symbolically about our work as Members today. We arent asked to walk long distances, with little or close to no food, in life threatening weather. But we are asked to help share the gospel with others. There were Pioneers who had to cross ice filled rivers, and they helped eachother do it. The left all that they had, because they wanted to follow God with his work and will.

Today, lets say the river is life. And as members, we are asked to take nonmembers by the hand and help them get across. But as we cross the river together, we need to help others with their trials. And the river can be crossed with more ease if those people can obtain The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I get it, it can be scary, or WHAT IF they dont want it?! But, the better question is, WHAT IF they do?!  :) 

I dont want to meet people when we leave this life here on earth. And for them to say, you knew it all along, and you DIDNT tell me?!

The more we attempt to work with Members, I have come to learn that Every Member ISNT a Missionary. And that sounds bitter. But to be a Missionary, that is a CHOICE. Oh course you can be a Member Missionary. But without any works, you arent given that title and Privelege. So if you are a "Member Missionary", to that I say, Prove It.

Woah-kay, not really a fan of Selfies, but we were the first ones to our Zone Meeting, so... we took a picture. Ignore the background. And just notice the fact that it is Hermana Smith and Hermana Rodriguez.

P.S. On a random note. I often laugh when I see people who wear shirts here in English, when I am pretty sure they dont know what it really says. For example we saw an older woman who was wearing a shirt that said, "Its Friday Night, Put your Swag on!" Ha ha. First off, it was Saturday mid-day, and I am pretty sure that Swag is one of the last words that this sweet lady would choose in her vocabulary.

Okay, well I love you all. And I hope you have a Beautiful Week! Look for opportunites to serve others this week, sometimes it is the littlest things that count most.

Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith     

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