Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Mouse in our House :S


Ew, where do I even begin with this story...

Well I was innocently reading the Liahona in our apartment last night, when I looked up and I saw a mouse scurry across our floor. So obviously my first reaction was to jump and stand on top of my bed!

Our District Leader was on the phone, so we put it on speaker, and I told him to sing a song while I killed the mouse. He began to sing a church song, which gave me no such motivation.

I moved our stove away from the wall, the fridge, the dresser, beds, everything. I couldnt find the mouse anywhere! I searched for like an hour, banging on things like a fool, hoping it would come out. So I tried to rationalize it in my mind that it didnt bother me, but obviously it did. I asked my companion more about it, like it wouldnt be able to climb up on my bed, right?! She doesnt know English, and words that she does say, a lot of the time isnt pronounced right. But when she gave her explanation one word that was the clearest English she had ever uttered, "Este ratón es como Spiderman!" 

Ah, she was right, it was like Spiderman, I now was convinced that it could go and climb wherever it pleased!

My fear, within seconds I felt like it turned into a phobia. I now loathed the mouse, and I felt the desire to vomit at the thought of it.

So it was finally time for bed, but I had not encountered the mouse. I decided to sleep at the foot of my bed curled up, close to the fan (obviously less of me, less options to touch me right?) And I thought it probably wont like the wind. So I wrapped up tight in a blanket, but then it was super hot. I left the light on. I kept waking up like every 30 minutes and checking the ground, (and I had like 3 different dreams about a mouse) until like 1:30 AM. At 3AM my Companion woke up and turned the light off (I figured it would stay more hidden with light?) I am sure my companion thought I was crazy! But I was loosing it by this point.

The light was off, so I moved my alarm clock to the corner of my bed. I woke up like five minutes later, and I saw something that seemed darker in the corner of my bed, so with a half instant thought I took the back of my hand and I spanked it off the bed, and spanked it good. To then only realize I was hearing the crashing defeat of my alarmclock that I had just placed there.

Long story short, it seemed like the longest night of my life. But the point is. Dont do that. Dont let little things bug you. I will not die from a mouse. So with or without a mouse, I am sleeping tonight!  :)

Dont let the little things get you in life. People can talk that dont know facts. Things will go wrong, that I am sure. But keep your head up high, with a smile ready, and go out and make a difference to someone! You have it better than a lot of people could even dream about. So use that to your advantage, and help others in their journey.

I love you all TONS. And I hope you have a safe, happy, mouse-free week!  :)

And for those heading back to school, and dreading the new flow of homework, just remember that there are plenty of people who would take your place to get an education if they could. So count your blessings, and enjoy your blessings.

Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith     

P.S. No pictures this week, because my camera died. Not sure why, but I will figure out a way to send you something next week.

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