Monday, June 2, 2014

Limes are Lemons, Lemons are Limes


This week I will just tell you a little bit of random. For example, the title of the e-mail "Limes are Lemons, Lemons are Limes". Here in Mexico, the little green citrus translates to be lemons, and the bigger yellow citrus translates to be limes. When I first got here I was confused by it, now Im like eh, call it what you want. Ha.

I went on exchanges this week with a sister training leader, Hermana Aguirre (she is currently companions with my old companion Hermana Juarez), so Hermana Juarez came back to our area and was on exchanges with my companion Hermana Lopez. I spent the day working with Hermana Aguirre in her area of Cuauhtemoc, I spent the night at her house, and we switched companions back the next morning. 

But when I had lunch with her at a members house from her ward, it was a little old lady. And while I was there the member called her daughter on her phone and said, "Yes, the prophet Joseph Smiths grand daughter is in my house RIGHT now. She looks a lot like him! And she is SOOO tall!" All I could think was, you are talking about me right in front of my face, and yes I do know what you are saying. And in reality, I am just a tall white person, with the last name Smith. Ha ha.

Here is a rock that is outside of the mission home, "Regresa con Honor" = "Return with Honor".

This week we didnt have a ton of lessons, but we still worked hard, and received a ton of nos. But yesterday we found some solid people that we can teach this week. So YES, hard work always pays off, you just need to be faithful and diligent with it. And the hundred nos are okay, because it makes the yes that much more special.

Love you all TONS, and I hope you have a fantastic week!  :)

Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith    

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