Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Uplifted From General Conference

Familia y Amigos,
I hope your Conference Weekend was filled with answers, joy, and encouragement. I was blessed to find a television outside some offices in our building that was playing Conference in ENGLISH! It was just sitting there on, in front of a way comfortable couch, with nobody occupying it. Just a little TV that decended from Heaven to let me hear Conference in English. ;) Luckily my Companion knows English also, so we were able to watch both of the Saturday sessions there. The first session just us, and the second with the Elders that speak English after we shared with them our discovery (because everyone else was watching it in the Chapel in Spanish with Members and Investigators). Then on Sunday for the first session we watched it in Spanish, because 5 of our Investigators came to watch it as well. And then for the second session we watched it in English.
But actually my favorite talk was one that I listened to in Spanish. So I will share with you what I took from it, hopefully the meaning didnt get lost in translation. My favorite was the Sunday Morning Session by Elder Uchtdorf about Gratitude. (P.S. My spelling in English is awful now, that was the struggle during Conference when I wrote notes in English I know I spelled a lot of things wrong.) He talked of how Gratitude isnt just for when things are going good in your life, and it isnt to be linked with the quanitity of your blessings. Gratitude is to be recognized in all situations, especially your trials and short comings.
I know that is true, we should be greatful for our trials, because that makes our blessings that much sweeter. God knows what he is doing, his hand is in our lives, it is as close as we will let it be. As we apply our faith with actions, because it isnt enough to just happily hold your faith alone. We must MOVE forward with Faith, knowing that God will do his part. Our ACTION of Faith is an example of our love and trust to our Heavenly Father. And as we pair that with prayer, our opportunities are endless. With God as our Business Partner in all things, we can not fail.
And General Conference isnt meant to be ignored for another six months. The talks will all be made available on www.lds.org , so... we can read and study them, and learn even more!

Working Hard on the Ranch! Nah not really, because it was Sunday. But a recent convert invited us to have lunch with her on Sunday at her parents Ranch, inbetween the sessions of Conference.

This same member gave me and my companion these bracelets. Super sweet of her! The people in our ward here are SO good to the Missionaries! A lot of them are converts, so they love the Missionaries, because they remember the Missionaries that shared the Gospel with them, and how the Gospel has changed their lives. (Hna. is an abbreviation for Hermana.)

I hope that you are all having a Wonderful Day, and preparing for a Fabulous Week!
Pray, PRAY often. And know that God IS listening. Be patient, and willing to comprehend the will of God as well.
I Love you TONS!!!

Love Always,
Hermana Smith    

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