Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Follow the Path of Happiness

Hola!  :)

Well first I want to say that I know that Heavenly Father answers your prayers. It wont be immediately, maybe you have more to learn first. But if they are prayers that are sincere and with a good purpose, if you ask, he will happily bless you. I have been praying for over two months in my mission to find a family of five. And yes in Caborca they were found! They are GOLDEN! I will write more about them later. They dont officially have baptism dates yet, but I am confident that they will get baptized on July 19th. So I will keep you posted more about them later. (Below is the four children from the family yesterday at church, and then also there is their Dad that we are teaching.) From left to right = Juliana, (Me), Jackilyn, Jade, and Alberto.

I read a super good talk this week, well actually I am obsessed with it, so I read it three times. It is called "Follow the Path of Happiness" By Bishop Gerald Causse (1st Counselor in the Presiding Bishopric). READ IT!  :)

Our Branch is slowly but surely improving. Me and my companion fasted for them this past Saturday and yes, it was a for real fast 24 hours, not the Apostasy Mormon-Utah kind of two meals or whatever the individual wants. Ha. Our Branch Mission Leader is Amazing! And he told me and my compainon "It doesnt matter what the missionaries before you did or didnt do. Your Mission President sent you here for a Revolution!" And that is what we are working for!  :)

Oh and during the World Cup, it doesnt matter who you are Mexican Man, Woman, Child, or Baby, they are watching when Mexico plays! We only spent like twenty minutes in the grocery store today and while we were in there 3 goals were made. People were freaking out! Yeah it is a joke trying to teach people if a game is on. Even if it is a lesson to a less active or a member, sometimes they still leave the tv on with the sound off. This too shall pass. Ha ha.

P.S. I forgot to share a story (well there a plenty of stories I never got the chance to share, but this one came to mind) about when I was in Hermosillo. And during a lesson I looked down on my lap, and there was a cockroach, somehow I kept my cool, and just sweeped it off my lap and continued on with the lesson. Then the next day during a lesson in a different house, there wasnt one, but TWO mice in the corner of the room while we were teaching. No promises will be made that if one of those is on my lap that I will sweep it off calmly.

Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith

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