Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Wedding, A Mouse, & A New Companion

HOLA!  :)
This week has been crazy but good. After our baptisms with Alfonso and Mari Campos we had not the easiest week. But I told my companion that we needed to "Suck it up!" (Not in a mean way, I teach her random English phrases that she doesnt know. So when things get hard or we arent being as Humble as we need to, we tell eachother "Suck it up!")

So I told her "We need to suck it up! Because the bad times prepare you to enjoy the good times. So this week isnt good, because it is preparing us for a Miracle."

Me and Hermana Juarez have really been working hard with Blanquita ever since February for her to get married. But her "husband" is in the Military, so he was gone for a long time. But long story short with out the million crazy details, the miracle came. Blanquita and Adolfo got married this week! YAY!  :)  And when he came back for Military leave, he told us that he had read the whole Book of Mormon! He read it in one month, cover to cover, there are people who have been members their whole lives, and they cant say that they have read it cover to cover. So if that is you... what are you waiting for?! Why do you care where the 116 lost pages are, if you havent read the ones that you have already been given? But honestly with Adolfo you could tell the difference, he seems like a different person, it sounds clique, but it is honesty. The Gospel of Jesus Christ changes people. AND they are both getting baptized in a few weeks. Ooh Ooh, the week of pish posh was worth it!
Here is a picture from their wedding day. They needed four witnesses above the age of 18, so it was me and my companion and two missionaries that helped teach their family earlier. So as I am missing weddings at home that I was suppose to be a bridesmaid at, this is pretty good too.  ;)

Okay quickly about the mouse story. Me and my companion were teaching we had a sister training leader with us also. We were in a small room with the door closed, and the three of us were sitting on a bed, while the investigator was sitting on a chair across from us. And... I saw a shadow from the corner of my eye scurry across the floor, so I just hoped my best and assumed it was a big fast cocroach. But then my companion was freaking out on my left. So I whispered to  her "Suck it up! And be humble!" And she replied "You arent the one who has a mouse by you!" Her feet were lifted off the ground, but she is less than five feet tall, so she scooted back on the bed, and her feet hung above the ground, not a noticable big deal. Then on my right side the other Hermana scooted back to have her feet above the groud. Okay, lets be real, there is no way my feet were going to hang above the ground. Yeah right. So here I am with legs for days compared to them, and I just elivated my feet up, Im sure it looked awkward. The lesson seemed like an eternity. But we survived. Ha.

So with changes, my companion Hermana Juarez left, and she is now a Sister Training Leader. And I stayed here in Hermosillo, Area Modelo B. And I received a new Companion, Hermana Lopez. She is great, I have heard nothing but good things about her. She doesnt know any English... but I think it is a blessing, because it will really push me to speak Spanish ALL the time. Because... it is my only option. Ha ha.

Well I love you all... continue to pray EVERY DAY, know that not just anyone is listening, but your Loving Heavenly Father, who wants nothing but the best for you. And he is willing to help you with anything, but first you need to pray, and apply your part of action as well.

Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith 

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