Monday, June 23, 2014

Your Point of View, is Up to You! :)

Hola Little Darlings,

Well my next area is... Caborca! My companion was mad at one of the Assistants, "Why would you send her there?!" And he said that they have trust in me, and because I had baptisms. Etc. Because when I first got here to Mexico, Caborca was closed for Hermanas. So me and my new companion, Hermana Rodrigez, are going to open an area there.

Well, Caborca is basically the joke place of the misson. Its like count your blessings, at least you arent going to Caborca. And a member asked me where I was being sent, after I told him, he said "Just remember that the church is true, just remember that the church is true." People always call it "Calor-ca". Which calor is heat, so in Cabora, apparently it is the most hot area in the mission. Which I didnt think hotter than here existed, but it does. It is like the armpit of Mexico, and like walking on fire. Tuesday it was 127° here in Hermosillo. Yet somehow the member still fed us boiling hot soup for lunch. Ha. So I will be heading to Caborca tomorrow with my new companion. So lets walk on fire with a smile then, shall we?!  :)

Because your point of view, is up to you. You determine your outlook and your attitude. I mean its not like I love to prove people wrong. Okay fine, if you know me... I sometimes love to prove people wrong. So I will be greatful to be in that beautifl place, and at least I will not receive frost bite there. I want to help make it the cool place to serve, people should come running for baptisms! I didnt come on a mission thinking "Oh THIS should be EASY. And Ive got a year and a half to burn up some time." I came to WORK. And I would sleep in the dirt if it meant more baptisms.

You cant just BE someone, you have to BECOME someone, it is a process, a life-long journey.

Are you what youve always imagined you could be? Or have you EXCEEDED it?!

Random Photo = These were cards that I put up in my last apartment to help me learn Spanish, okay maybe I am a visual learner. Ha.
Love You all TONS!!!  :)  And I hope that your week is filled with happiness and success.

Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith    

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