Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Alfonso's Baptism!!! :)


This week has been super crazy, but full of blessings also.

Okay, Alfonso is my favorite!

Before I left on my Mission, I made a list of goals that I wanted to apply. And one of them was, "Dont forget the man sitting in the gutter. meaning, every person deserves the gospel of Jesus Christ in their life." And that is exactly where we found Alfonso, he was sitting in his wheelchair in the gutter, sweeping leaves. And I asked him if he needed help. we offer help a lot to people here with service, they usually say no, but we still offer.(okay side note, this computer is ghetto and isnt letting me make a lot of letters capital, so ignore that fact). but alfonso said yes. So we helped him sweep leaves and began talking to him about life. then we asked him if we could share with him our message, and he happily said yes.

when we showed up to his house he was excitedly waiting outside for us right on time! He is humble and loving, and easily welcomed the message we had. we would randomly suprise him outside the store where he sweeps, or at his house and he was always reading the pamphlets that we gave him, always studying! And we even caught him reading them and sharing them with people around him, doing his own missionary work!

i told the story of him in an email before where he came all by himself the 25 blocks in the blazing sun, in his wheelchair. because he knows the importance of what it means to be at church every week.

me and my companion had colds one week, and then next day when we came back Alfonso had bought us cough drops. he always buys us little treats that he gives us in sacrament meeting on sundays. He called us his little angels, and even made up a little friend cheer that we do. Ha ha.

But this is also a good example of timing, i dont think if we met 20 or 30 year old Alfonso if he would have taken our message the same. god has a plan for each one of us, and it will all work out in his timing.

just a typical lesson at alfonsos house, always having fun with him.

this past saturday alfonso was baptized, clean from all the past. here we are infront of the Hermosillo, mexico temple. it is right next door to the church house that we meet at.

alfonso after his baptism, ah I wish you all knew him, he is the best!

i love you all tons! And i hope you have a week full of success in all that you do.

love always,
hermana Smith

p.s. Mari Campos got baptized on Saturday also. I will tell you her story next week. She is getting confirmed this next Sunday.

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