Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Day in the Life (At the MTC)

My alarm clock goes off at 6:25, I hit snooze, and get up at 6:30.
I start the day off by getting dressed inside of a closet, where I practice rolling my R's.

And then one of my favorite parts of the day, I put on the name tag!  :)

At Breakfast I fake to be awake, and spoon up some keylime yogurt.

My oh my, there is a lot of Spanish to be learned!

I swipe my card to get into places, and push the magic button to get out.

We exercise inside these domes. One has Basketball, one has weights, and the best one has Volleyball.  :) 

The spinning door gives me joy.

Inside the Dome. Sidenote, I can't handle playing Basketball at the MTC anymore, about a week or two ago, I literally wanted to throw a girl down, okay maybe two girls. So... I removed myself from the situation and don't let myself play Basketball at the MTC anymore. Ha ha. Then this Hermana came up to me at the Cafeteria and asked if I would come play Basketball because she thought I was really good. I told her no that I had anger issues, and couldn't. Then I realized I made it sound like I literally have anger management issues. But it made me smile when one day an Elder asked me if I played for BYU, and a different time an Elder asked me if I was a professional Volleyball player. Ha ha. Silly Elders. But I love to block elders, a small tear at their mancard. It is evil, and prideful, I never said I was perfect. I tell people that one of my ugliest sides is me in Basketball and Volleyball.

At mealtimes we create different drinks. This one is good, it is Blue Powerade with Pog.

I just want to throw the verbs at the wall and make them conjugate themselves!

Least favorite part of the day, trying a meat of the day. I'll be honest, I don't even know what that was. Beef, steak, brisket, is there a difference?!

Eating with the Fam...aka the Zone

Holla, it is the best when you get mail!  :) (I have to check it twice a day for things/notices)

By the zillionth study session of the day, I want to curse all who tried to build a tower and caused other languages.

Crammed on the little bunk, ending the day, and ready for the next!  :)

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