Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jan 8 2014


Because of the new Semester at BYU that just began, we have a new schedule. So classes are rearranged a little differently now, and our p-day is no longer Saturday, but it is now on Wednesday.  :)

I played Volleyball with Savannah Jones in High School, this is a picture from us on Christmas Day. She left this past week, she is serving in Mexico also.  :)

The Temple is open again, so we got to go for p-day today!  :)  This is Me and my companion Hermana Wood.

This is me and my District at the Provo Temple. Yesterday another Hermana joined our Distritct. Her name is Hermana Koutz, she is from Northern California and going to Florida. (She was at the MTC a year ago, and went home, now she is going back out after she spends three weeks with us). But we welcomed her with open arms, and it is just another person to love. 

Spanish is a trip to learn, but if learning Spanish is my only struggle in life currently, then I am mightily blessed indeed!  :)  I know that the language will come in time through obedience, hardwork, and faith. So here goes to the journey!

My love for the Gospel grows here EVERY SINGLE DAY. I am so happy to be a representative of Jesus Christ and his church. One of my very favorite things each day is personal study. Did you know that the scriptures are packed with one gem after another. I have always read my scriptures at home, but never like this. I just dig for gold here, and my pan is never nugget-less. And one of the best ways to read the scriptures is to find answers to help another person, mmmhmm nothing better. I am now getting into color coding tabs, whoo don't even get me started. Ha ha.

But really, I love Missionary Work. And I know the field will be EVEN BETTER!

I hope that you are all doing great, because that is what life is about, JOY.


Love Always,
                      Hermana Smith     

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