Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I Have Arrived Safely In MEXICO!!

I woke up (yet really never made it to bed from packing, and the first counselor in our branch presidency doing a farewell thing for all those departing for quite a lovely while) and started getting ready to leave at 2 AM this morning, we met to leave at 3 AM, whoo par-tay.
Calling home early in the morning, before our flight to Pheonix Arizona, and then off to Hermosillo, Mexico. (Me and my Companera Hermana Wood from the MTC). And yeah... I dont have the whole pay phone thing down, so it did eat a ton of my quarters for me doing it wrong. Ha. So then I just stuck with using a phone card instead.

It has been a semi long day, but I have arrived safely in Mexico!  :)

My pday here (or in this area at least) will be on Monday.
I am companions with Hermana Juarez, she is from Mexico. She seem like she will be a perfect trainer, she speaks fluent Spanish obviously, but she has pretty much perfect English, which is what I was praying for.

I attempt what I say to her in Spanish first, and then I fill in the gaps with English. Or I ask her clarifying questions in English if I dont understand. I think we can make a great team. I have already learned a lot from her, and I am excited to utilize her knowledge of the language, every day. Thank the Heavens she is patient, because I am sure my Spanish is painful to listen to at this point. Ha.
The Mission Home is literally right next to the Mission Home, but we only get to go there once a year.  :(
I am excited to get out there tomorrow and expierience a full day of what Mexico has to offer, and what me and my Companera can make of it together.  :)
I love you all, and I hope that you know how intricately involved Heavenly Father is with the details of our lives. It is essential that we pray to him, and communicate often. He has blessings that he is waiting to pour out to us, a big part of it, is us asking!  :)
Love Always,
P.S. I am about to go to the grocery store to get some food for the week... ha ha, who knows what I will pick. Tortillas, anyone?!
P.P.S. An Hermana from the Ward brought over some food... carne, pig, with a happy pig sticker on it, yeah - not diving into that tonight. Ha. But yeah I get it, I will for sure have to eat a full blown meat meal tomorrow, I am sure. Baby Steps.

Me and my MTC Companera repping the cliche MTC Mission Shirts, bandwaggoning or unity? You Choose.

Landing safely in Mexico!

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