Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Another week of Happiness at the MTC!


So guess who gave our Devotional last night... say what?! Elder David A. Bednar, and he did it again! I mean jeesh, fine I will put him in my top three favs, like I get it, he is AMAZING. 

And he said that he was going to answer more questions for us that he didn't get to answer at Christmas. He said from the texts and e-mails that were sent on Christmas, there was approximately 1,000 questions sent to his ipad from the MTC's around the world that participated.

He said a huge theme of the questions were Miracles. He Cautioned us: "The more you press to have a miracle, the less likely you are to have one. Do not attempt to press, force or demand to have a miracle."

One question asked, "How can women be useful without the Priesthood?"
Answer: "Priesthood is not male. Priesthood is the Authorization and Permission to act in God's name. It is God's Authority. He compared it to an Umbrella, if Elders are worthy they can hold the umbrella and with their worthiness they will be aloud to open the umbrella, but everyone that is under the umbrella will benefit from it."

His Testimony on the Book of Mormon was earth shaking, that is how I want to live my life, I want my Testimony to strengthen others that I share it with, but not just by my words, by my example as well. 

He said many more things, but he ended by saying, "I hope you learn to know how to WAIT UPON THE LORD, his tender mercies and blessings will be in your life." 

So funny story of the week... The first two lessons I gave at the MTC I broke into a little nervous laughter at times, but nothing too major, I thankfully broke that habit. But this week... me and my companion were giving a lesson to a "Investigator" (our teacher), and I taught about the importance of Baptism, and my companion taught about the importance of the Holy Ghost. So I did my part and my companion just started to Testify really great, but then she said the Holy Ghost gives us "Pez" so I lost it and began to laugh to myself as quiet as I could, but I couldn't stop, I laughed while she kept teaching for at least two minutes I was laughing. She thought it was my nervous laughter from week one. So as we left the lesson she smacked my arm and asked "Why, were you laughing so much?!" I proceeded to tell her that she just testified that the Holy Ghost gives us fish. She meant to say that it gives us "Paz" which means peace. But instead she confidently told him that the Holy Ghost gives us fish. It might not seem that funny, but if you know me, the less funny it is suppose to be, the more funny I find it, especially if you are not suppose to be laughing. So I was like sweating because I couldn't let out full laughter. But no worries, better Spanish will come for all of us in time.  :) 

Well I love you all SO much!!! And I am thankful for the love, support, and joy that you all bring into my life.

Oh P.S. We went to the Temple today and there is a NEW NEW video, you might think, oh I already saw it, but nope, there is an even newer one. My Branch Presidents friend helped produce them, and he said that there is another one after this newest one that will be coming out also.


Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith

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