Wednesday, February 19, 2014

1st Baptism! :D And, "You look just like The Virgin Mary!"

Hola Familia y Amigos,
Well I should start with the best news of the week, a baptism, whoo!  :)
His name is Aldo, and he is a part of the Duran Familia (I think I sent a picture before of Blanquita with a birthday cake). Blanquita is the Mom, she has five kids. She is GOLDEN, but the father of the kids is in the Military and they arent married yet, so she cant be baptized yet. Aldos other four siblings were baptized before I got here. But me and my Compañera taught Aldo, and he had gone to church before with his family, so he was able to be baptized. YAY!
In this picture it is my Compañera Hermana Juarez, Me, Aldo, and Eliot (the member that baptized him). We are outside the Hermosillo, Mexico Temple. Because the Mission Home, Church House, and Temple are all right by each other.

We contacted three old ladies who were sitting by eachother outside a house one day and got their info to teach them later in the week. So we went to Esperanzas house first (that means hope/wish/wait in Spanish). And we taught her and her friend that was there. Me and my Compañera started by singing a hymn and a prayer, and then we were going to start the lesson. The lady is probably in her late sixties, I dont know, I am bad at guessing ages of people. But she was just going on and on how she thought I looked SO much like Virgin Mary. And she was asking her friend, doesnt she look JUST like Mary?! So of course I am thinking to myself that A.) I am not catching onto this Spanish thing as much as I thought I was. And B.) There is no way that is what she is saying because I look nothing like her. But after we left I asked my Compañera if that is really what the lady was saying, and she assured me that yes, the lady was convinced that I looked just like Virgin Mary. Last time I checked, Mary didnt have redhair, but more power to that little old lady. They are obsessed with the Virgin Mary here, so I will take it as a compliment. Ha ha.
We also had a Mission Conference this week with all of the mission. Elder Christensen (who is the in the first presidency of the 70 came). From what I understood in Spanish, it was pretty good. Elder Montoya of the 70 is in the home ward that I am serving in here, so he spoke in sacrament yesterday.

Oh and when Elder Christensen came we took a mission photo outside of the temple. So they had the Hermanas line up tallest to shortest and the Elders did the same. And ding ding, I am the tallest Hermana in the entire mission (there are about 50 of us). Shoot, I have never felt like more of a giant in my life. I mean it was easy to be taller than all the Latinos, but I beat the 14ish other American Hermanas also. Some hispanics ask me if all Americans are as tall as me, or if just my family are giants. I tell them a little bit of both. Ha.
Dont worry, I'm doing fine in Mexico, because I found Carne Mart!  ;)

Love You All!
The Church is TRUE!
Jesus Christ, did all the work already, now it is up to us to utilize the Atonement everyday.
Share The Blessing of the Gospel with all those that you come in contact with.
Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith

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