Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I am "VERY VERY Married"! And I thought I ate pig ears.

Familia y Amigos,
HOLA! Yes, I really do live in Mexico. Oh man, this week has been great, I am obsessed with Mexico, I might never come home.  ;)
P.S. (I am putting this at the begining, for those who dont always make it to the end. Ha ha. Sometimes these might be lengthy, or I have a different viewpoint, or whatever. So just read the amount of your liking, and I know that this is being viewed by over 100 people, so my words arent to target anyone in particular, I never want to offend anyone eithier, so keep that in mind. Because... I love you all.).
Sometimes it is hard to believe that I am really living here. But the people are quick to let me know that they recognize that I am not from here. Ha ha. People always tell me how tall I am, and call out, etc. It is different to be recognized everywhere I go. But I am pretty much a foot taller than most of the women here, and as you know SUPER white. So I imagine it would be similar to seeing a 7 foot black person in Brigham City, it isnt common.
I have met too many people this week to tell about in this email, so good thing my journal has it all.
One of my favorite parts of the week was when we prayed with one of our Investigators Eldira, it was her FIRST time praying, ever, She is 22 and she had never prayed before. What an honor it was to witness her first prayer. That is what this work is all about. To let people know that they have a Heavenly Father that loves them SO much! And a Savior, who died for them, so that we can use the Atonement, and we can become better people each and every day.
But to tell about the title that I chose for this email, one of my first days here a lady we were teaching asked me if I was "Casada" And I thought shoot, she can tell that I am tired, I thought I was hiding it well. But I admitted yes, "MUY MUY Casada!" Fun fact, "Casada" means married. My intentions were "Cansada" which is tired, whoops. Dont worry, my companion corrected me. I am sure there are plenty more slip ups on my part to come. Ha ha.
Everyday here, we eat lunch with members. So my first lunch appointment here I thought I was going to die. They prepared the typical, which is rice and tortillas. But there was also a large portion of chicken, in an ill grey-ish green sauce. And I am sure as most of you know, I dont eat meat. I have actually not eaten meat consistantly for the past 8 years. So it was very difficult to stomach it. I didnt finish it all, but I was very impressed with my efforts. After I left, my companion told me, that here I must finish all the food I am given. Even if it is greenish grey chicken off the bone in large quantity. A lot of the people, dont have a lot of money and are giving me their very best. Some save of what little they have to feed the misionaries. So of course then I felt awful. And I have finished all of my meat portions that I have been given this week, suprisingly I havent died yet. And with that, I dont always know what animal the meat comes from, or what part of the animal. So one day this week I was brought a plate with what I was convinced were pig ears. They were impossible to cut, but there I sat and made what I thought were pig ear tacos. I sent up a prayer with every bite, "Please dont let me vomit here and now". I then had my companion ask after we had finished them, what they were, and apparently it was pig, but the back of a pig, thankfully not the ears.
A lot of people have written me about the food. And I have eaten a large quanity of tortillas this week. I dont know what to compare it to in America, possibly air or water? That is how they use them here, "Oh yes, you need a tortilla with that, no 4 tortillas with that." And four turns into more. So sometimes I make pointless tacos, like I will just put salsa on it or beans, so I can eat all the tortillas.

You might think I am only spiritually strong here, dont worry, I can still lift trees out of the ground like before.  ;)

One of my favorite Investigators here, she has a heart of gold. Her smile is just fine, but people here dont really smile in pictures. We brought here a cake for her birthday.
But all in all, I am very happy here so far. The Spanish is coming better, with a great trainer, and being surrounded by the language every day, oh and all that faith is important too.
Remember who you are, and what your purpose here is.
Love Always,
                      Hermana Smith

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