Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Another week accomplished, in the land of Tacos

Hola Familia y Amigos,
I helped an Investigator weed this week, with... A Machete. Like yeah, you can call me Mexican now if you want.  ;)

Joke, I still need to learn how to make the perfect tortilla. And my accent is still lacking. But my hair is getting lighter here, faster than my skin is getting darker. Not a very fair trade, but all is well.

Cabeza = Head, So Head Tacos anyone? I asked around and I found out that it is head of Cow. Lets just say, I wont be getting in line as a customer for that anytime in the near future. But no worries, they only eat monkey, turtle, and chicken foot in the most south part of Mexico. So I will count my blessings. But I could be served tounge or cow stomach (that is more special for like Christmas and special occasions.)
It is interesting in the different ways that Mexico is compared to the United States. Like for one example is, that everyone here will tell you good morning, goodafternoon, or good evening. It doesnt matter if you know them or not. And everytime you enter a room, you greet every person individually. And women will give you a kiss on the cheek with like a half hug/handshake. Or you will touch cheek to cheek and just make the kissing sound. I go with the second option, I still have personal space boundries, and I choose not to kiss random peoples cheeks. And with men we just shake their hands. But you do that everytime you enter and exit a place.
So with that, I have been to ten countries now, and I feel like Americans are on the not as kind and loving side of the scale with people that they dont know. I feel like if I greeted every person I saw in America, that they would give me the craziest looks. But dont worry, I still think France is more rude than us.
Oh this Sunday the Bishop told me right before sacrament started that I was to bear my testimony. So yeah, my Spanish is still far from perfect. But I think I got my point across. And it is a good thing the Holy Ghost doesnt have a language boundry. It doesnt just speak English, Spanish, or Italian. It is Universal, and all can feel it. So when we testify from our words, or our actions, it can be present.
La la la Love You All!!!

Love Always,
                    Hermana Smith   

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