Friday, March 7, 2014

Members Working With Missionaries

Hola!  :)
Mexico is great, there is a lot of work to be done here, and I find myself blessed to be a part of it.
Me and my Companion have a couple baptisms on date, but I will tell those stories full later. I think it is easier to tell the situation all at once, verses scattered here a little, there a little.
Something that is SO essential with Missionary Work, is the MEMBERS being involved as well. Currently I am in an amazing ward, the members and leaders are crucial with our success. Sometimes Members join us for lessons, and Family Home Evening as well. We have a weekly meeting with the Bishop and Leaders about who is less active, who are investigators, and all aspects of helping people in their lives. Service and Charity is one of the best forms of love. To care for the people, as people, not projects. When the Missionaries leave, who is there for them? The Members.
A quote that I love is, "Every time you take someone figuratively by the hand and introduce him or her to Jesus Christ, you will feel how deeply our Savior loves you and loves the person whose hand is in yours."
Me and my companion have been teaching a lot of old people lately. Some Elders in our District joked to us about it. And we said hey, every single person deserves the gospel, we are teaching the people that you overlooked. We have to speak loud and slow, but lets be real, with my Spanish currently, bring on the old people, speaking slow, is my kind of pace.
As I testify to people the basics of the Gospel, it rings more clear to me, the truth of it, and the blessing that it has played in my life.
So as you go about your day, appreciate the things you have, the people you know, and love a little easier. Be kind to those around you, and if you have the means to help someone, do, without hesitation.
I cant send pictures this week, because of the computer I am using. So just picture me now, I am like 7 years old all over again in the fact that I couldn't fit more freckles on my face if I wanted to. Ha ha.
This church is true, and Jesus Christ is the head of it.
To those that are less active, or not members, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me. I dont have all the answers for everything in the world. But I would be more than happy to discover them with you. And you can also look on
Have a fabulous week!
Love Always,
                      Hermana Smith     

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