Tuesday, March 25, 2014

La La La

Hola todo,

Here is a photo of my current Zone. They are full of energy, and ready to work hard!

Okay, maybe you are in the mood for a snack sized pack of Cheetos. Or maybe you want a dog food sized bag that would fill your bathtub, everyone has different needs.  ;)

This week has been great, but the weeks are starting to fly by! So I swear I just wrote an email basically yesterday.

I had Cactus Tacos, it actually wasnt that bad, but it was mixed with other stuff also.

Oh and the picture from last week I think I said it had to do with the Deer Dance from Senora. I talked to my companion, and that is a different dance. The photo with the people in the main part of town (last week) was for Semana Santa. It is something that the Catholics do one week every year, they dress up and ask for money. That makes it sound really weird, honestly I dont know all of the details. But also, they dont eat meat at all that week. So of course I told my companion, "Thats it, we are eating with the Catholics this week!"

In my Ward we have eight Missionaries, that seems like a lot. But we have the Assistants, this new thing -the Traveling assistants, Our District Leader and his companion, and then me and my companion. And we all sang in Sacrament yesterday for part of the program.

It is getting SO hot here! But most of the time we are just happily going about our work, and we cant dwell on it. I am guessing it was 100° one day this week, but I know that in June, July, and August it can get up to 130°. And I quote my companion when I say, "The Summer here is HELL for the Mexicans, so the Americans are going to DIE!" So yeah, I have faith that I wont die, but I might just sweat every day. 

Well, just keep doing your best EVERY day! The Lord is in the details of your life, every last detail. So if you have doubts or questions, or even exciting news, converse and report with him. And he will ALWAYS have an answer. So move forward with faith, but the key is the moving part, the blessings and miracles will come after the work. A quote I love is "Work only comes after Success in the Dictionary." So work first, success second.

I Love You All!  :)

Love Always,
                     Hermana Smith

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